How To Dread Hair with a Flat Iron

Dreading the hair is a long term commitment, too. Well, it is for the reason that once you get your hair dreaded, the only way to remove the dread is to cut your hair. And yes, this means really going bald to some extent, unless you let your hair grow longer first until the dreaded part goes down.

Now you may ask, is it possible to have temporary dreads? Fortunately, it is a big, big yes! There is a simple way to have temporary dreadlocks that can be removed without going bald or having an unnecessary haircut.

  1. Make sure that your hair has grown to at least three inches in length. This is important to ensure that your hair can hold the dreads.
  2. Clean your hair with shampoo and moisturize it with conditioner. Let your hair dry with towel and blower.
  3. Using a rat-tail comb, divide your hair into several sections depending on how thick your hair is and how big the diameter of the dreadlocks you want to be. Every section diameter should at least be one to one and half inches. Sectioning of the hair can be done in random or grid manner. Then secure every section with a rubber band.
  4. Treat each hair section one at a time. Apply a liberal amount of gel or hair wax to a section of hair.
  5. While the gel or hair wax is still wet, twist the section around with your fingers to form a thick strand. Start at the back sections while moving forward to the front. Then repeat the steps to all the sections of your hair.
  6. To lock the dreads in place, tie a rubber band to the loose ends of your hair. Set each section by blow-drying.
  7. Using a flat iron, set the dreads in your hair. Run through the flat iron along the hair dreads in a slow manner in order to heat every area while moving down.
  8. Lock the dreads with a rubber band. Later when the strands have dried up, you can then untie the ends. Make sure that you set the strands properly with the flat iron and blower.
  9. You can accentuate your dreadlocks by adding beads on your dreads. You can simply wash your hair to remove the temporary dreads and loosen the strands. In this manner, you will always have the option of styling your hair in other manner even after dreading.
  10. Use beeswax for more permanent hair dreads. If you wish to retain your dreads for quite a longer period of time, you should use beeswax when binding your hair instead.

Dreadlocks are narrow rope-like style for the hair, which are formed by braiding or matting. Actually, there are several ways to form the dreads. The most common procedure to dread the hair strands is by back combing. However, this method takes several months to attain the maturity of the dreads. The procedure presented here is simpler and can be done for short span purposes only. Enjoy your dreads!


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