How To Dress Appropriately for Your Age

Growing up means our clothes change as well.  Something you wore when you were ten years old will look ridiculous at work.  A teenager wearing her grandmother’s clothes would also be similarly hilarious.  Here are some tips on how to dress fabulously no matter what age you may be:

  • Dress according to the occasion.   This means you have formal attire in formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, or when you are at work, and informal attire in parties, dates and shopping.  There may be rules in your school or your workplace regarding attire, such as what color you should wear, how long your skirt should be, whether you are allowed to wear accessories and makeup, and what type of shoes should you wear.  Know what you’re supposed to wear, especially when there are dress codes like casual, black tie, and semi-formal.
  • Enhance your assets and subdue your flaws.  The most basic technique is this: if you want to enhance a good feature of your body, make sure your clothes on that area has detail or a striking appearance.  If you want to take attention away from a problem area, make sure that part is as nondescript as possible.  Bright colors expand while dark colors slim.  Similar colors on the top and bottom half of the body elongate while contrasting colors widen. 
  • Find the best colors to wear.  Wear the colors that flatter you most.  Check out your hair, eye and skin color.  In choosing clothes, look for hues that highlight colors found on your body and not subdue it.  For example, if you are a brunette with brown eyes and tanned skin, choose colors such as brown, beige and gold.  Avoid colors that dull out your complexion, such as blue tinges, which are not present in your general appearance.  This will make your clothes look vivid.  The trick here is that people should notice your radiance and not the color of your clothes. 
  • Seek a balance between comfort and style.  Learn a balance between the two, because sometimes one is sacrificed for the other.  If you do, you’ll find the perfect attire that is sure to make you feel confident.  You don’t have to follow trends, because they usually last a short time.  You could just use a few trends and stick with classical styles, especially if you’re above 30.  If you are young, you could show some skin, but make sure that you know the difference between sexy and sleazy.  If you are more mature, you could still wear off-the-shoulder clothing.  The general rule is that when you add years, you add your accessories and lessen the skin you show.  A 60-year old would not look good in a miniskirt, while a 16-year old would look silly wearing tons of jewelry.  Just find out what’s comfortable for your age to wear, and one of the ways of doing this is to see what everybody else in your age group is wearing. 

Sticking to one style is boring; so don’t be afraid to try different types of clothing as the years pass by.  The trick to looking good is feeling good, thus you could look good not only because of your clothes, but because of what’s inside.


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