How To Dress for Jury Duty

We're all familiar with the concerns associated with jury duty: missing work, lots of waiting around, boredom, but what to wear? After reading this guide about how to dress for jury duty, you can cross that last concern off your list.

The first thing to consider about determining what to wear for jury duty is comfort. With lots of people in a room at once, it's often difficult to control the temperature, so think layers. While comfort is important, get those sweats off your mind because the second thing to consider when dressing for jury duty is professionalism.

In order to show proper respect to the judge and all involved, it's important to look professional when deciding what sort of dress is appropriate to wear for jury duty. This means a collared shirt and at least a tie for men, and a nice blouse or dress for women. No jeans or sandals are ever appropriate. Be careful not to confuse professional with dressy, because while a courtroom is a proper place, it would not be proper to wear an evening gown for your jury duty dress.

When choosing your dress for jury duty remember that your job is to listen and observe; you won't be making a statement and you don't want your jury duty attire to make one. Dressing for jury duty means neutral, cool shades like black, brown, gray, and deep blues and greens. Save your brights for casual Fridays, because they won't fly as appropriate dress for jury duty. Dressing for jury duty is about blending in and not causing a distraction in any way, including with your attire.

Dressing for jury duty should include modest clothing. No one is going to judge your jury duty clothing as they would at a fashion show. The latest styles, the coolest designers don't count for a lot when dressing for jury duty.

Because jury duty sometimes means staying in a hotel, jury duty dress should be wrinkle resistant and not require a lot of special care. Dress for jury duty should also include pieces that can be recombined for new outfits because your bags and personal items may be limited.

In conclusion, dressing for jury duty doesn't have to be stressful. As long as your jury duty dress includes considering comfort, modesty, professionalism, and neutrality you will be fine.


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