How To Dress for Your Shape

Do you believe that you can look sexy even if you don’t have the perfect 36-24-36 body? Yes, you can! The secret: know how to choose the right dresses to complement your unique body shape.

Are you an hourglass, an apple, a pear, or a rectangle? An hourglass has a curvy body with a small waist. An apple has a large upper body with broad shoulders, a wide waistline and lean legs. A pear is the opposite of an apple: narrow shoulders and large hips and thighs. The rectangle has little curves and looks somewhat boyish. No matter what your shape, here are the basic things that you should keep in mind.

  • Color. Color accentuates your best features while taking away attention from problem areas. Dark colors appear to recede. The areas of your body where you have worn dark clothing will look minimized or slimmed down. Light colors emphasize and make body areas look bigger. To look tall and lean, wear tops and bottoms of the same color. To diminish your height and add a few pounds visually, wear contrasting clothes.
  • Texture. The material of your clothes will affect how you look. Rough and bulky fabrics will add size to the wearer. If you like to add pounds to areas of your body, you can wear these over them. If you are petite, bulky clothes will overpower your figure. Smooth and clingy fabrics are figure revealing. To hide problem areas, wear tailored or stiff fabric instead.
  • Hourglass. An hourglass can flaunt her curves and draw attention to her slender waist by wearing fitted dresses and belts. Wear almost anything you like, just as long as your top and bottom half are balanced. If you dislike being an hourglass, make your figure look leaner by wearing similar colors on the top and bottom half of your body.
  • Apple. If you're an apple, you need to balance the largeness of your upper body. To make your waist look narrow, wear belted dresses or anything that cinches you in the middle. Wear high-waisted pants or skirts to hide your tummy. Balance your slender legs with your upper body by wearing flared plants, or draw attention to them by wearing short skirts.
  • Pear. If you're a pear, you have a great upper body and you need to hide your plump thighs and hips. To balance your hips with your shoulders, wear tops with wide necklines. Draw attention to your upper body by wearing tops and shirts with colorful patterns. Wear light tops to make your upper body look larger, and dark bottoms to minimize your lower body. To draw attention away from your legs and hips, wear short jackets that end above your hips. Wear A-line skirts or other skirts that fall away from your bottom half.
  • Rectangle. If you're a rectangle, create an illusion of curves by wearing tailored jackets that flare at the hips. To make your hips and legs look plumper, wear low rise jeans that are lighter in the area of your thighs. To draw attention to your bust, choose tops that have detail and patterns on the chest. Wear designs that add dimension and bulk to your figure.

You don't have to be an hourglass to look sexy. Wearing the right clothes can do wonders for your figure.


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