How To Dress in Vintage Chic

There is beauty in imperfection, like in vintage chic fashion. Fashion and interior decoration magazines usually use vintage chic to refer to something interesting yet not perfect. For fashion, this is what most people call “messy” and old-fashioned. But once you know how to dress in vintage chic properly, you’ll get a unique style that will make a statement.

Here are some suggestions when dressing up in vintage chic:

  • Think antique. Vintage chic is more like “antique” fashion. Brown, black, gold, and bronze are all in colors for this fashion. So when choosing anything to match up your dress, choose these colors or other “faded” colors. You’ll look vintage chic with a pair of bronze-color sandals than with white. You’ll also look vintage chic with pair of antique chandelier earrings than bright orange stud earrings. Remember, you should think antique, think something old—that is vintage chic.
  • Old clothes. Look for some fashionable clothes in your mom’s or grandmom’s old closet. You can drive to the nearest second-hand store, too. Look for old dresses from there. Be careful when choosing. You want to dress in vintage chic. Faded jeans and jackets or torn ribbons on dresses will look great. Anyway, second-hand clothes or hand-me-downs surely looks old and that will be vintage chic as long as you know how to make that old look brand new and interesting.
  • Use old-looking accessories. Antique earrings are in these days. They will be in for a longer time especially that these have classic appeal. Wearing big brown stud earrings or bronze-color dangling earrings will be perfect for an old skirt and camisoles. Use old-looking rings and bracelets as well. Maybe your mom has some—use these old yet fashionable accessories!
  • Wear big sunglasses. Aviator and wayfarer will be classic. Big sunglasses, especially the bug-like sunglasses will be perfect for vintage chic fashion. So if you need to wear sunglasses, make sure to wear bigger ones.
  • Layer, layer, and layer. Having something on your camisole or racerback sleeveless shirt will be a great thing for vintage chic. Use your imagination and get some inspiration by browsing magazines and fashion websites. These have some pictures of great layers. Layering your shirt is a great way to change the appeal of a new cloth and make it look like vintage. 
  • Be bohemian. Vintage chic fashion is more like bohemian fashion. Think bohemian if you are more familiar with it. Wear flower-printed dresses with big dangling earrings. Also, stay away from rich-color dresses. Stick to faded and pastel colors—these are shabbier than other bohemian styles.
  • A little nerdy. Vintage chic is a combination of fashion and intelligence. Looking intelligent should be conservative so no to showing of lots of skin here.

Vintage chic fashion may not be the trend. But it’s always as interesting as our history. So dare to break the trend and go for something old—go for something vintage and be exquisitely unique.


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