How To Dress Like a Ballerina

Whether you are taking up ballet lessons, participating in ballet recitals or just playing dress up, here are some tips to dress up like a ballerina.

  1. Take a look at ballerinas.  Doing so would allow you to have a general idea of how to dress like one.  You could find pictures of these on the Internet, in books and magazines, in posters and in advertisements.  You could also go to shops, which sell ballet costumes or visit ballet schools and recitals.
  2. If you are taking up ballet, ask your instructor about the proper attire to wear during practices, rehearsals and performances.  You may be told to wear different types of costumes depending on the level of training you've attained or the recital you are going to do.
  3. Know the prescribed attire.  A ballet outfit is composed of three basic items: the leotard, tights and ballet slippers.  Some outfits mimic the look of ballet costumes such as dresses, gowns, sleepwear and others.   There are also additions to the basic outfit such as tiaras, headdresses, wands, wings, accessories and so forth.
  4. Know the proper colors to wear.  Ballet clothes and slippers are traditionally light pink for beginners and black for those who have advanced training.  Other colors aside from these may be considered inappropriate and even mean disrespect.  However this is not true for all ballet activities and some schools may be more lenient regarding ballet outfit colors.
  5. The leotard is a tight fitting outfit made from stretchy fabric which covers the shoulders and arms but don't cover the legs.  These may have long sleeves, short sleeves or none at all.  The proper ballet outfit features a cut, which hides the derriere; high cuts, which go over the hip, are considered as improper and impractical.
  6. Tights are similar to pants but they are made from stretchy material like the leotard.  This is usually worn first before the leotard is put on, and its function is to cover the legs while allowing for maximum freedom of movement.  Skirts and tutus may be worn over tights for added privacy and comfort for those who are uneasy in wearing skin-tight garments.  However it is recommended that the skirt will be thin and follows the contours of the body. This way, positioning and movement of the hips and thighs can be seen and evaluated by the ballet instructor.  If it is allowed, decorative skirts and tutus can be worn to add to the beauty of the ballet outfit and enhance the movements that the ballerina performs.
  7. Ballet slippers are shoes worn specifically for ballet.  They are made of thin and soft material to allow for the greatest flexibility in feet and toe movements.  This is why this is never worn outside and used in regular walking to avoid ruining the material. 
  8. The proper hairstyle for ballet is tying your hair into a bun.  This secures the hair and prevents it from falling over your face when doing performances, giving you a neat and pleasing appearance.

Dressing like a ballerina involves discipline to stick to prescribed attire and creativity in enhancing what you can wear.  Look around and have fun in choosing outfits to bring out the ballerina in you.


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