How To Dress Like a Wizard

Do you want to be the next courageous Harry Potter? Or maybe you want to be like the legendary Merlin? Well, dress for the part! Whether it's for Halloween or another costume party, it will be fun to dress like a wizard.

Steps to dress like a wizard:

  1. Think of your favorite wizard character. If possible, have a picture of him or her, so you can easily copy her outfit. Commonly, the things a wizard owns are: a wizard hat, a cape or a robe, and a wizard's wand or staff.
  2. If you have any of the above items, for example, the wizard hat, but it lacks the design your favorite character has, like Merlin, you can still do something about it. To achieve Merlin's look, modify your hat by adding stickers or cutouts of moon and stars. Same goes for the robe. But if you have a simple black one and you are a fan of the Dark Witch of Oz, then that's good enough.

Although many years have passed, one of the most famous and favorite wizard tales is the Wizard of Oz, Hollywood's 1939 munchkin classic. There was even a rumor in 1997 about Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" (1973) being in sync lyrically and musically with the Wizard of Oz, as if it were the soundtrack. However, Pink Floyd denied having anything to do with the said movie. In fact, their basis was "The Sound of Music."

Lots of online stores selling wizard get-ups are still selling costumes of Oz characters. In spite of all the remakes, the movie has never lost its magical touch. Or maybe the pair of Ruby slippers has something to do with it. Wizard of Oz provides an amazing variety of costumes for every character, even Toto!

If you want to keep it simple and humble like Harry Potter, a Wizard Dress Up set like the one in Boys to Men Gifts at is just the right thing for you. The matching wizard lightning hat and velvet cape will make you feel like the Chosen One.

Being a wizard does not just mean having or practicing magic. Another definition of the word wizard is a person who is clever or skillful at something. A very successful television show "Watch Mr. Wizard" back in the 1950's had children interested with scientific experiments. The science hobbyist host, Don Herbert, won a Peabody Award. Even after the show was cancelled, it was reproduced several times over the years and still gathered viewers of all ages.

The name wizard has also been adapted by software to assist the new user in performing tasks step by step with a sequence of dialog boxes. Some examples of these are Cookbook Wizard Recipe Software (keeps track of favorite recipes), Mortgage Wizard Plus (monitors your payment and remaining balance), Savings Bond Wizard (manages savings bond) and Audio Record Wizard (sound recording software).


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