How To Dress Rich on a Budget

Who says you need to spend a lot of money for dresses that look like they are for royalty? In fact, even if you have lots of money to spend, you can still look rich while sticking to a tight budget. The fashion of the rich is not actually about the most expensive—it’s about class and quality. Ask yourself, can you get classy and quality clothes without breaking your bank account? You sure can. Just follow the tips below for some great tips and ideas:

  • Monochrome is in. For the higher social class, monochrome is always in. It looks elegant and classy. Solid-color dresses will also make you look slimmer and they work well when combined with other dresses. Changing the appeal of monochromatic dresses is easy by wearing jewelries that don’t have to be expensive, only stunning.
  • Dark colors are better. Try to notice the usual colors that rich folks use. Black, brown, and navy blue will look expensive plus they are flexible for pairing.
  • Get quality items at budget-friendly price. The price of an original and brand new expensive brand name can already make you live for a month or two. That is why many people tend to choose low-quality clothing. That will make you look so cheap, though. Instead, watch out for quality items that go on sale or those being sold online at tremendously lower than the specialty boutique shop prices. These quality items may still be expensive compared to thrifty choices. But investing on these items surely is worth it. You’ll be surprised how long these will last and how well these will look on you.
  • Classic is forever. Some classic fashion designs are classic for a reason. They don’t go out of style no matter how fast the trendiest fashion changes. Rich folks don’t usually go for the trendy things, anyway. They usually go with the classic. Copycat their style and choose classic, too. These won’t go out of style plus you’ll look so rich-like wearing them over and over again.
  • Visit secondhand stores. Find some great branded items in secondhand stores. Some of these look like brand new while some are ultimate classics. People won’t notice you are wearing secondhand if you’ll choose wisely. Besides, from second hand items where you can get the classic fashion designs that rich people are always wearing.
  • Tweak your dress. You don’t have to spend a penny to look rich. Simply tweak some of your cloths and you’ll look so rich and fabulous. You can copy the latest designs from known high-end fashion designers. They surely have taste and their designs will give you hints on how to tweak your old clothes and make them look brand new and more expensive.
  • Invest on expensive bags, shoes, or purses. Go with black and plain leather for bags, shoes, and purses. You can have just one for each as long as the design you’ll choose is flexible for anything you will wear.
  • Accessorize. Actually, rich people don’t care much about accessories. But when they do, they settle on simple designs. They only wear extravagant jewelry designs during important occasions. You don’t have to invest on diamond-studded layered necklace, though. There are less expensive custom jewelries that imitate the shine and appeal of real stones.

Think like the rich and it will be easy for you to dress rich on a budget. Don’t forget to act classy, too. Your attitude is more important than what you’re wearing.


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