How To Drill when Giving Acrylic Nail Manicures

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Gone were the days when giving acrylic nail manicures required the manicurist to manually file the nail. These days, electric nail drills (also known as electric nail files) are used at nail care salons. Such electronic devices provide a faster and easier way to prep nails for acrylic nail manicures and nail treatments. They are also known to be generally safe to use and can make nail shaping, cuticle trimming, and buffing close to effortless. An electric nail drill works like a hand-held dremel and has rotating parts that move at very high speeds that can reach up to 30,000 RPM. If you are giving acrylic nail manicures and you intend to use an electric nail drill, you should know how to use it properly and safely. This article will help you operate an electric nail drill safely.

  1. Know your equipment. You may be an excellent manicurist with years of experience with people’s hands and nails, but using new equipment always demands learning more about it. This gadget is more than just a nail file. Read the operating manual. Know about its functions and its parts. Learn the buttons and practice with them, especially the buttons that control drill speed and pressure. Some electric nail drills are controlled by buttons on the device itself, others are controlled by a foot pedal. Which one is yours? Some drills are specifically made only for natural nail, others are only for artificial nails. Know which type your drill is.
  2. Attach an emery board to the drill. After having read the operating manual, you should be able to do this with ease. In case you are not familiar with emery boards, these are flat sticks made of thick paper or cardboard. Emery paper (which works just like sandpaper) is glued on to both sides of the sticks. Emery boards are cheap and disposable alternatives to metal nail files, which can be more expensive. If your drill has a metal nail file fitting, you can also use that.
  3. Fire up your drill. Turn the drill on to low speed first. Try the lowest speed on the nails and raise the speed incrementally to the highest speed comfortable. High speeds can cause more friction and heat, so be careful about ultra high speeds at the start.
  4. File the nails with the emery board. Run it around and across the nails as if you were filing the nails. The emery is abrasive and will effectively file or sand away those areas that need to be shaped. Remember to turn off and unplug the electric drill when not in use.
  5. Keep your drill clean. Whether you are using it on yourself or on someone else, hygiene should always be a part of your good habits. If using reusable metal components (such as a stainless metal nail file), make sure they are clean and disinfected. Discard used emery boards.

Giving acrylic nail manicures becomes easier and faster with the help of electric devices such as electric nail files. But, just like using any other electric device, you must know how to operate it properly so that you can use it safely.


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