How To Dye Hair with Coffee, Tea or Spices

Hair dyes, though claimed to be mostly hypoallergenic, can still pose danger to one’s health particularly for women who are pregnant or those with skin ailments like skin eruptions and irritations. But overall, the risk in using chemical hair dyes is not limited to special cases only like the ones earlier mentioned. Anyone can be at risk of developing adverse reactions with these substances at any time. So if you want to really play it safe, you might as well use natural substances in coloring your hair. You can actually dye your hair with the use of coffee, tea or spices. Here are the ways on how to carry out this method:

  1. Prepare these materials: stove, water, tea balls, applicator, earthen pots, sauce pan, coffee, tea and spices. You can buy the applicator at stores specializing in beauty supplies and products. The rest of the materials are certainly available in your home.
  2. Make a plan on what day you should dye your hair. The making of the concoction can be time consuming so make sure you do not have to hurry off to an appointment later on after doing the procedure. As much as possible, set the day for this procedure when you are free of any commitments the whole day.
  3. Put together the natural dye mixture only when you are about to use them. The mixture has to be consumed within 24 hours only. Beyond this time, the dye is not good to use anymore.
  4. Use an earthen pot or any non-metal pot in making the dye mixture. The reason for not using metal pots is because they might get stained by the colors. These stains are difficult to remove, if at all removable.
  5. Place the coffee, tea or spices in a tea ball before submerging in the water. If you want a stronger mixture, add little pieces of tree bark. To achieve a darker shade of dye, add some walnut shells or cloves. If you want some reddish tone on the dye, add paprika seeds and cubes of rhubarb stems. Cinnamon is also a good dyeing element that can give your hair a shiny brown tinge. Break two or three pieces of cinnamon sticks and place them in the tea ball.
  6. Tie the ends of the tea balls to secure the ingredients from letting out.
  7. Add one and half cups of water in an earthen or non-metal pot. Submerge the tea ball that contains the coffee, tea or spices.
  8. Simmer the mixture over medium heat for about 20 minutes. Set aside to cool down.
  9. Remove the pot from the stove. With the use of a small kitchen pestle or mallet, press the tea ball against the walls of the pot to squeeze out more colored juices. The end product should yield a smooth, thick colored substance.
  10. Transfer the mixture in a sauce pan. To achieve a thicker concoction, stir or beat with a spatula, much like when you are beating an egg white for a meringue.
  11. When the concoction or mixture has attained a smooth consistency, apply on hair with the use of an applicator. You may use the spatula as an applicator if you do not have an applicator that is sold in beauty stores.
  12. Start applying the dye from the roots of the hair going down to the ends. Do it by layers, beginning on the inside and working your way to the exterior part.

Dyeing your hair with coffee, tea or spices yields desired results only after several applications. Therefore you have to repeat the procedure for about three times (not necessarily on consecutive days) before you can have the ideal color you want for your hair.


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