How To Dye/Highlight Your Roots

Highlighting or dyeing your hair will give you style and a chance to break away from ordinary hairstyles without looking too wild. You will often see celebrities with hair highlights or colored done by professional hair stylists. Going to the salon for highlights can cost between $100-$200, which might make you think twice about getting one for your hair. But for the sake of beauty, you go for it.
However, after two to three months, your roots grow and you have to color or highlight them so these have the same color as the rest of your hair or highlight. Does this mean you have to spend lots of bucks again? Don’t panic, because there are available root dyeing kits that you can buy. You can also use the regular hair dyeing kits that you can purchase over the counter.

  • Choose the same color you used for highlighting or dyeing your hair. It’s best if you also use the same brand to make sure that the color exactly matches with the rest of your hair or highlights.
  • Don’t wash your hair before highlighting or dyeing your roots. It’s better to highlight or color dry hair because its natural oil will serve as a protection from the chemicals in the hair highlight or color mixture.
  • Choose a space far from things that might be ruined by the chemicals if accidentally spilled. Kitchen and bathrooms are good place to work on your highlights.
  • Wear old clothes that you don’t wear anymore. If you wear your favorite shirt and it got chemical stains, you will definitely not like it. Always wear gloves that come with the hair highlighting kit. Get an old towel and pin it around your neck to protect your skin from the chemicals.
  • Part hair into four sections, down the center then from ear to ear. Use a hair clip to keep them in place. Apply petroleum jelly along your hairline to prevent the dye from staining your skin.
  • Read the instructions in the highlighting/dyeing kit because the time and techniques are not always the same with all kits. Some kits require longer time before rinsing your hair. Use only about ¼ of the solution as you will only be dyeing your roots.
  • Remove the clip in the front section to start dyeing. Use the brush included in the kit to apply the solution to the roots or the part that doesn’t have dye. If you are highlighting only your roots, apply the solution only on the roots of the highlighted strands making sure not to dye the other strands. It’s better to use a foil to separate the strands of the roots to highlight.
  • Check the instructions on how many minutes you have to wait before you rinse your hair. Comb your hair from root to tip to make sure the color will mix evenly. Wait for another 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water. If the kit comes with a conditioner, use it in your hair.

After dyeing or highlighting your roots, you’ll feel like you have a brand new salon-colored hair all over again!


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