How To Dye Your Beard and Mustache at Home

Man with beard and mustache

Time passes by so quickly, that you would soon notice some gray or white hairs on your mustache or beard. At first, you might opt to pluck those gray hairs, but later on, you would finally give up when you are having more and more gray facial hair. Maybe it's time to dye and color your beard or mustache. Most guys have no experience and no proper knowledge in doing this task, so here are very simple, but important tips to consider:

  1. Choose the right color for your facial hair. Most guys might just grab dyes without even reading the color shade carefully. Make sure you are buying the hue that would make your mustache and beard naturally beautiful. The coverage should look natural as well, so people would not notice the change. When you look at the shade on the box, don't match it directly to your facial hair. Read the information that is typically seen at the back portion of the box. The dye would either make your hair look darker or lighter than how it looks like in the picture because of oxidation.
  2. Prepare the dying kit and the things that you will need. Wearing an apron or anything that will cover your clothes is a must to protect you from spills and spatters, same thing with hand gloves. If you are near any furniture, ensure that it is covered with old newspapers so that it will be spared from spills as well.
  3. Read and follow the instructions very carefully. Do not assume you always know how to use this kind of product. Some hair dyes indicate special instructions so be careful about it. Most dyes have two tubes that you need to mix together: the colorant and the oxidant. Ensure you really press both tubes well, and mix them thoroughly. Remember, putting in more of the oxidant component will result in having a lighter shade.
  4. Apply either baby oil or petroleum jelly onto the skin around your beard and mustache. This will prevent you from accidentally dying your skin and some irritations. In case of accidental spatters of dye on your skin, just wipe off the part with tissue. Then reapply petroleum jelly.
  5. Press the applicator firmly onto the beard and mustache, when applying the hair dye. Leave the dye for a few minutes, depending on the time specified in the instructions. Set your timer so you would know when to wash it off and at the same time you are not guessing if you have exceeded or if you are just in time with the dying process. Some say that using a blow dryer with low temperature will help the dye get absorbed better and faster.
  6. When it is time to rinse off the dye, be certain that you wash your mustache or beard thoroughly. Remember that your mustache and beard is near the mouth and the hair dye residue has somewhat harmful effects.
  7. You can now retouch every week or every other week. If you look around the drugstores, you can also purchase a single gray hair painter. It's similar to a marker that you can bring in your bag. It covers single gray hair in an instant!

Who says only women can groom themselves? With the new tips you've learned today, you can always look your best and look young longer!


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