How To Dye Your Hair Golden Blonde

Hair color application

People with black hair want their hair blonde. And if it is blonde, it should be golden blonde. Nowadays it is easy to change hair color. The only challenge is the right application. Hair dying is used to cover grey hair, to change hair color or shade, or to get back the original hair color.

Hair dying can damage hair. Women and men who frequently change their hair color experience different types of hair damages, which come from the chemical contents of the hair dye they used. Expert or professional hair dressers should be sought out to do a damage-free treatment. They know exactly what to do, like mixing chemicals and treatments.

For a golden blonde hair dye, the steps that follow are suggested. The steps are specifically for dark hair to be lifted approximately seven levels to golden blonde.

  1. Assemble the products to be used. Some hair dye components include activation packets.
  2. Read product labels and see warnings. Keep clean towels nearby that you can use to wipe your client’s eyes or forehead.
  3. Comb the hair to remove knots. Ask your client to wear a blouse or shirt that can be removed without passing it over the head. Protect the clothing with a hair dresser cape.
  4. Know that you are only lifting the color from your client’s hair. On the first stage the hair turns orange color or brassy before it becomes pale golden blonde.
  5. Mix the chemicals – the hair color, platinum blonde, and the cream developer. This should be put in a clear application bottle, after which you will shake well for the mixture to come out as dark purple.
  6. Put on appropriate gloves to protect your hands from chemicals. Section the hair. Start from the back because the hair at the back tends to develop more slowly. Dispense the coloring chemical by using initially a treatment brush then the gloved fingers and finally a fine-tooth comb. Apply more of the product to cover the entire section.
  7. Do the same to the next section until the entire head is saturated. Put the hair up and protect with the hair dresser’s cap.
  8. Let the client sit under the high heated cap dryer for 20 minutes. Check the hair in the bangs area to see the progress of the coloring. If it is not blonde enough, reapply the product and return to the dryer for about 35 minutes more.
  9. Always check the root area of the hair to prevent the hair from melting or breaking off. Do not leave for more than 55 minutes.
  10. Remove the cap and let the hair cool. Then wash the hair with a cool shower. Be sure to protect the eyes. Apply conditioner and let it rest for about 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

It you want to change hair color, you need to understand that your skin tone has to be matched by your hair color. Your hair color must suit you perfectly. Decide if you are warm or your skin tone is warm. This is the type of skin that matches a golden blonde hair. Make sure that before you see your hair dresser, you already know what you are supposed to look like after the procedure.


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