How To Ease the Pain of a Sunburn

Summertime is the best time to be out in the sun and water. For some of us though, the hours in the sun can mean a dreadfully painful sunburn. But pain relief can be counter productive if the wrong steps are taken. There are many products out there that can help relieve pain, but some of those products can also damage your skin. Always check for the proper ingredients and you are sure to treat the pain of a sunburn and heal in no time.

Drink plenty of water before going out in the sun. The first thing to remember about a sunburn, is that being burned has a lot to do with the body being dehydrated. Skin needs to be moisturized after being in the sun, no matter if you have been sunburned or not. For proper sunburn pain treatment, one should consider applying the juices of the aloe plant. There are many types of aloe products that can be bought off the grocery store shelves, so be careful to choose a moisturizer rather than a clear gel. Moisturizer must be applied immediately after returning indoors from the sunburning incident. Keep applying as often as possible for the next 24-48 hours and the pain and redness should subside. It is good to choose a bottle small enough that will get used within one treatment period, as the shelf lives on these products are only about seven days or so. It is possible to get more life from the product if kept in the refrigerator, but as it is a plant the aloe may spoil after a couple weeks. Also, again remember to drink plenty of water after the sunburning incident so your body can rehydrate itself.

Gel aloe is more for instant relief for pain, but it contains alcohol and will dry the skin out even more than the sunburn itself, which will cause peeling and bubbling of the skin. It is only recommended for use if absolutely necessary for pain. Pain is caused by the skin tightening, so just treat it with moisturizer and the skin will then have the dexterity it needs in order not to itch or burn. You can actually get better effects from, using the leaves of an aloe plant, as with the gel products. The plant has a natural pain reliever within its cactus like leaves. It is highly recommended to use an aloe plant if at all possible. Witch-hazel is another plant that can sooth the pain as well, but is much less common to find growing wild.


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