How To Eat With a Tongue Ring

Learning to eat with a new tongue ring may seem complicated.  If you are contemplating adding this piercing to your existing piercings, you will find that this feat is actually easier than you had expected.  You have already gone through the hardest part - getting the piercing. Now, all you have to do is remember all of the cleaning and other aftercare.  Eating will actually be one of the easiest adjustments to make.

If you have already tried to carry on a conversation with anyone, you are already aware of the difficulty in speech with a new tongue ring. One quick way to help reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth before speaking and while eating with a tongue ring is to take the time to swallow, not spit. Spitting causes the mouth to close on the tongue; the added pressure on your fresh piercing may even cause you more pain.

What foods can you eat that will not cause any unwanted pain?

With a fresh piercing, you have to avoid foods that are hot, spicy, or may get caught up in the longer, healing barbell.  The easiest food is clear broth, as you might or might not already be sucking on ice to reduce the swelling.  Instead, try such suggestions as chicken and stars soup, mashed potatoes and baby food - just avoid those with citric acid.  If you do decide to sip broth or eat chicken and stars, remember to let the food cool before eating.  You do not want to burn your tongue.

Any food that is easy to chew or just swallow is best.

While chewing your food, you should pay close attention to your tongue and the way it 'naturally' moves inside of your mouth while chewing; you may be surprised at how much you use it. This will be painful to the piercing and it's bad on the teeth if you do bite down on it while chewing - this can be bad enough to make you not want to eat anything, so be careful for the first few days.

Remember to take your time when eating with your new tongue ring, sometimes it takes biting down on it once to remember. If you do bite down, don't panic.  It is possible to shatter a tooth if you hit the ring just right, but if you don't rush the process it's actually normal to bite the piercing once or twice as you're learning.

Listen to the piercer's advice; most tongue piercings take between 10-14 days to heal, but if you do not eat the required amount of food dail you will prolong the healing process and it will take longer for you to get the shorter barbell, which is easier to eat with.


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