How To End Benzoyl Peroxide Peeling

Most people are very concerned about the condition of their facial skin. Others are born with very good skin that requires almost no additional treatment to keep it smooth, clear and supple. Others, particularly teens, are often subjected to peer pressure and want to look as good as the next person. Teens that are prone to skin breakouts and acne may be uninformed and use products that their peers recommend which may not be the right product for their skin type.  For the treatment of acne the most common over the counter medication is benzoyl peroxide. It is the most common active ingredient in countless acne treatment products like Clearasil, ProActiv and Panoxyl. It is used in gels, lotions, creams and facial cleansers. While benzoyl peroxide is very effective at treating acne due to its strong antiseptic properties, excessive use and stronger preparations can make the skin very dry and result in skin peeling.  It may not be painful but it can be unsightly. Here are some tips on how to end benzoyl peroxide peeling.

  1. Reduce your regular used of products with benzoyl peroxide in half to see if the cause of your skin peeling is because you have used the product excessively. If this is the case, use the product at least three times a week instead of every day if you are treating acne.
  2. Look for a substitute product which is milder to cleanse your face with until the skin peeling stops. You may find that you do not actually need to continuously use benzoyl peroxide except during occasional breakouts.
  3. When you have used benzoyl peroxide, allow your skin to breathe and rest by not applying any other topical medication on your skin. Using different medication on top of benzoyl peroxide may lead to more skin peeling. Use one product at a time. Facial skin particularly, is very sensitive so you should take the necessary precaution when applying different facial products.
  4. Use an exfoliating facial wash to remove most of the peeling skin from your face. Use gentle hands while rubbing your skin so as not to aggravate the situation. And pat your face dry rather then rubbing it with a towel. The exfoliating facial wash should not have benzoyl peroxide.
  5. Moisturize your face with rich emollients that will soak through the healthy skin underneath. You can use home remedies such as olive oil and honey to keep your skin moist. Apply grated cucumber on your face and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Regular application will prevent skin dryness and its antiseptic properties can help clear pimples and acne.

Switch to a gentler medication that is as effective as benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid is another effective medication for acne but both these ingredients can cause dry skin and peeling. Use medicated and sulphur soap if you are not allergic to the ingredients in these soaps or look for more natural ways to treat your acne. You can also look for other recipes to clean our skin gently and effectively without doing a lot of harm to your skin.    


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