How To Enhance Hair Color Naturally

The hair is your crowning glory. It is one of the things people notice immediately. This is why people tend to spend a lot of money to make their hair look pleasing to the eyes of the onlooker. Enhancing one’s hair color brings out the natural beauty of one’s hair. This can be done without spending money on expensive hair products and salon. There are actually ways you can do at home to make your natural hair color enhanced and to glow more. This article will provide you helpful tips on how to enhance your hair color naturally without burdening you financially.

  • Tea is said to be good for your health. It has natural antioxidants that protects you from carcinogens and boosts your immune system. Aside from this benefit brought about by tea, it has the ability to decrease the pH level of the hair and making it shinier and softer by closing the cuticles. In using tea to enhance your natural hair color, you should choose a kind or type according to the color of your hair. Black tea suits best for those who have darker colors like brunette and black hair. For the ginger headed, the Roobios tea enhances the red hair with its high orange mixture of color. If you want your blonde hair to have a golden glow, then the chamomile tea is best for you.
  • Prepare 2 tea bags of your preferred type of tea. Prepare boiling water and pour it into a cup. Dip the two tea bags into the boiling water and let it still for 8-10 minutes. Let the liquid cool down to room temperature, or if you are in a hurry, put it in a freezer so that the cooling down will be faster.
  • Clean your hair first with shampoo and rinse it off. Pour the tea mixture onto your newly shampooed hair and thoroughly rub your hair like what you usually do when shampooing. Leave the mixture into your hair for at least 11 minutes and then rinse your hair.
  • This procedure can be done at least once a week or depending on how many times you would like to do the procedure. Repeating this will give you the glowing hair that you like.

Remember, this procedure is used to enhance your natural hair color, not to change the natural color of your hair. If your hair is brunette then the steps provide will only make it darker.
Since the goal is to improve the natural color of the hair and not change it, the type of tea that you will use should be according to your natural hair color. There won’t be any enhancement in your natural hair color if you use the wrong kind of tea on your hair. Chamomile goes well with blonde hair, black tea is for dark-colored hair, and Roobios is for those who have naturally red hair. Tea is best in neutralizing the tone of your hair, making it glow more.


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