How To Enjoy a Finnish Sauna

After a stressful day at work or at school, it is best to have a weekend full of relaxation that will soothe one’s stressed out body. It is well known that one of the best places for relaxation is the spa. It provides different services that will ease and loosen up the tensed body of yours.
One of the most sought out amenities in a spa is the sauna. A sauna is widely popular in Finland, and every corner of the Finnish area has a sauna ready to be enjoyed by everyone. A Finnish sauna is more concerned about health benefits, both physical and mental, rather than an activity to pass the time. This is not only very efficient in improving one’s physical well-being but also good for socializing. If you are planning to have a Finnish sauna, then it is best to enjoy the moment. Here are some tips on how to enjoy a Finnish sauna.

  • Make time and set a day where you will spend your whole day doing nothing else but having a sauna. It is best to have all the time in the world relaxing your mind and body. You won’t be enjoying your sauna if you still have other things to do within the day. Having a sauna bath usually takes one to two hours but that doesn’t mean you have to hurry yourself and set only two hours of free time for sauna.
  • Prepare sponges, soap, towels, and other materials for bathing. There are some who enjoy having wet skin before entering a sauna bath. So, if you are among those people, prepare yourself by taking a bath first before entering the room. Bring an extra towel with you and use it to cover the sauna bench since it will get quite hot and also because there are so many different people who have sat on the bench. You’ll never know what you might get if you are not cautious.
  • To increase the humidity of the room, put water on the rocks so that there will be an increase in temperature, thus adding humidity to the room. Remember that a sauna is used for relaxing by having you take a sweat bath; so, exposing yourself for too long may not be good as well. Once you feel comfortable already, step out immediately to cool yourself from time to time and go back when desired. Repeat the cooling off process as many times as you like.
  • Once you think you are done, wash your body with soap and water, making sure you rinse off your body quite thoroughly. End your Finnish sauna experience by drinking a refreshing cold beverage that may help with the relaxation of your body and mind.

Always keep in mind to savor every moment of your Finnish sauna. Free your day from all worries so that you will have a relaxed, worry-free mind and body. It will be of no use if you do things in a hurry. This is why it is advisable not to have other engagements after your sauna so that you won’t have your mind thinking on your scheduled activity after the sauna.


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