How To Enlarge Breasts Without Using Silicon

For some women having a larger breast is very important and they do different things to make their breasts look and appear larger. For some, the best and faster way to increase the size of their breasts is to have a silicon implant. But others are still very hesitant to do this due to the risk of silicon leaks and the body’s negative reaction to the implants. However there are still some permanent and temporary methods that you can use to have the breast size that you have been dreaming about. Take a look at the tips below on how to enlarge your breasts without using silicon.

  1. Use an underwired push up bra. There are several bra styles available today that are underwired. The underwire and the vertical plastic supports along the side will help push your breasts together and up, giving you fuller breasts that are more natural looking.  Get a push up bra that fits you comfortably and will lie flat across your back for a smooth outline.
  2. Padded bras will help make your breasts look larger, too. With new and better bra construction, the look that the new padded bras give is more natural. There are those that only have padding under the breasts, pushing them up even without underwiring. Some have full padding on the bra cups. The latest designs come with water or gel inserts that give the breasts a consistently natural feel. Others even have air pumps that you can inflate to your desired size. With these new padded bras, you can change your look and size depending on the dress that you will be donning.
  3. There are gel forms that you can place between your breasts and your bra cups. This will increase the size of your breast and give you the feel of naturally large breasts. They are made of silicone in clear and flesh tones. They are manufactured in different shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. Some are made for use just for the underside of the breasts. Some are in full cups, with or without nipples. If you are going to use these types of external breast enhancers make sure that you get a bigger size cup to accommodate the added thickness.
  4. If you have sagging breasts and you do not want to use external breast enhancers every time you have to go out, you can ask your doctor if you can get a breast feather lift. The process involves inserting a syringe under the breast skin and inserting special threads which when activated will cause the skin to tighten and lift by pulling on the excess skin. You will have no scarring and the threads are invisible.
  5. There are also temporary dermal fillers such as Macrolane ™. This is a stable and safe gel that is injected into the breasts and then molded into shape. The gel sits under the breast tissue and the resulting volume is more natural.
  6. For a more permanent breast enlargement, consider getting a saline breast implant. This is safer and will be easily flushed out of the body in case of leaks. Check with your doctor first if it is advisable for you to have an implant and learn the pros and cons of having one. It pays also to know the risks involved in having implants.

Choose the method for enlarging the size of your breasts without using silicon that will work best for you. With the number and styles of external breast enhancers available today, it is easier to choose one that fits your lifestyle.


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