How To Even Out a Ruddy Complexion

After being out of the sun, you notice your face is still red like you are being baked in the heat. If this is your case, you may be suffering from ruddiness of your face. Some factors contribute to this skin condition like skin products that are harsh to your skin and a skin condition called Rosacea. In these times, there are good make-up products that can easily hide your ruddiness and help even out your skin tone. Here are the steps that you need to do to achieve it:

  1. The first things you should find are the causes why your skin has a ruddy complexion. There are several factors that can make your skin look ruddy. It may be that you are using a skin product that does not suit your skin type. It may be caused by exposure from the sun. It can sometimes be due to some skin allergy from foods that you take unconsciously. Pay attention to everything you digest and those that you use for your skin everyday to determine what causes your ruddiness. It may be best to consult a doctor for skin allergy tests if you want a more accurate diagnosis.
  2. Cosmetics are inventive products that can actually hide your “imperfections” on your face. The key to using make-up work to even out your ruddy complexion is to get the right kind and color of foundation. To hide the redness of your face, choose a foundation with yellow undertones to offset some of it. The type of foundation can also affect the effect of the coverage. A liquid foundation is too sheer to give you a complete coverage. The best foundations to go about this are cream foundations. If you have a pressed foundation, you can lightly damp your sponge and apply the pressed foundation. By applying it a little damp, it will cover your face evenly and it will also last for a day.
  3. Sometimes your ruddiness cannot be covered simply with a foundation. The next step is to use a concealer. The concealer is a thicker version of a foundation. It can hide your ruddiness better. Use a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone so it can hide your blemishes better. Just be careful that you do not put on too much or you might appear “cakey.” Finish off with a light mineral powder to give your face a light look.
  4. When your face is redder than usual, go lightly on the blush and your lipstick. There is really no sense in adding any more blush for your cheeks. What you can do is apply a bronzer instead. Go for gold and copper colored lipstick to match your bronzer. The bronzer will create even undertones for your skin.
  5. Finally, the most important things to stress out on your face are your eyes. Pay more attention to your eyes. Paint your eyes with a smoky finish. Deep-set eyes draw more attention to your eyes than anywhere else.

Remember that you should always consult your dermatologist to assess your skin condition. Do not ignore the fact that your face is ruddy and you need to even out your tone. A good doctor can give you the proper diagnosis to remove your skin’s ruddiness.


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