How To Even out Your Skin Tone

Regardless what type of skin complexion you might have, you cannot avoid having dark spots, discoloration and acne marks that can make your skin look uneven and blotchy. If you are on birth control pills or hormone pills, you can expect the spots and blotches to get worse and more noticeable. Here are some tips to help you even out your skin tone:

Before you can start evening out your skin, you would need some things that can help you carry out this task:

  • A good Sunscreen that is at least 30SPF
  • Skin products that contain alpha hydroxy acids
  • An exfoliant that contains soy and salicylic acid
  • Fade cream
  • Chemical peeling, laser resurfacing or micro-dermabrasion.
  • Liquid foundation
  1. Keep your face off the sun to avoid making your skin condition worse and always use a sunscreen to protect your face. A good sunscreen has at least 30 SPF sun protection. It will give you enough protection to block out the sun’s UV rays. Remember that even on cloudy days, 80% of the sun’s burning rays can pass through the clouds. So do not be complacent not to wear sunscreen when you think the sun is hiding from you.
  2. The next thing you can do to even out your skin tone is to use a deep cleanser and moisturizer to remove dead skin cells that can add up to the discoloration. A good astringent should contain alpha hydroxy acid that can remove dead skin cells that contain extra pigment easily. Be sure to follow it up with a good non-greasy moisturizer to prevent drying out your skin.
  3. Exfoliate everyday to remove dead skin cells from your face. You can use a good exfoliant that contains soy and salicylic acid. Soy can block the skin pigmentation from travelling to the skin cells while salicylic acid can remove dead skin cells. Be very careful in using exfoliating products. Always follow the directions and use sparingly. Salicylic acid can actually burn your skin if you put in too much on it.
  4. Visit your dermatologist to inquire about a fade cream that contains hydroquinone. This can be used if you have dark spots on your skin. Before using this cream, always do a skin patch test to be sure you have no allergic reactions to it. If you do not have any allergic reaction to it, apply it twice a day for only 15 days. An important thing to know is that hydroquinone is dangerous in high doses. Follow your dermatologist’s instructions and do not overuse.
  5. There are products in the market that appear as soaps and creams that contains kojic acid or azelaic acid cream. This is a gentler type of fading cream that can reduce dark spots. Use it once or twice a day and follow it up with a moisturizer and a sunscreen.
  6. For more serious pigmentation, visit your dermatologist to perform laser resurfacing, chemical peel or micro-dermabrasion on your skin. Your doctor can assess your skin condition. A licensed dermatologist should do these procedures.

Remember that whatever step you take, always consult the experts. It is not a good idea to experiment on your skin. Always read product labels and product reviews before applying anything on your face. The skin on your face is sensitive. Always treat it with care.


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