How To Exfoliate Heels

Have you been running? Riding a bike? Playing basketball, soccer or volleyball? Did you visit the dentist or the doctor? Did you drive or walk? Took the elevator or the stairs? Where did you go? Who did you see? What did you do? Your answers to these questions and to the ones above will tell you about the day you had. Whatever the answers, you probably had a long, full day. At the end of it, you're tired. Rightfully so. But if you're tired, think of you feet. More precisely, think of your heels. Sure your soles hit the ground and your ankle twists every which way but it is your heels that connect them all together. Your heels are affected by all of your movements. They bend and twist and strain and take tons of abuse and punishment. They do the most work and they feel tired the most after your long day.

Touch your heels and feel them. Notice how rough they are? Notice the coarseness of the skin down there. Can you feel the spot where it scrapes against the back of your shoe? The one where, if your socks are not long or thick enough, the heel grates along the shoe and the skin peels and scars? Heels are overworked and mangled, there's no escaping that fact. Have mercy on them. Exfoliate. Clean up your heels, remove all the dead skin cells and rejuvenate it for another go around. Exfoliation will keep you heel clean, fresh and healthy. Dry and dead skin can accumulate in your heels making them callous, rough and smelly. Avoid all of this by practicing exfoliation as much as possible. Here is how:

  1. Prepare a warm bath for your heels. You can do it in the shower or in a bathtub. Also prepare your scrubber and the exfoliating cream. A sponge, loofah or exfoliating gloves should work. If you have dry skin, make sure you get the right cream. All of these items are available in most pharmacies as well home and bath stores.
  2. Take your foot out of the bath. Gently scrub your heel. Remember, the skin here is quite delicate. Exercise caution or else you might wound the heel. Scrub hard but not too hard. Be even more cautious if the heel has already been wounded or is especially rough. You might cause more harm this way especially if you suffer from dry skin.
  3. When you're done with one foot, move on to the other. They both work at the same time so you should exfoliate at the same time. You only ever need to exfoliate just one if one of them is injured.
  4. After getting out of the shower, dry your heels and feet properly and apply your favorite foot cream or moisturizer to top off the treatment.

Because your feet carry out most movement, your heels will always be carrying most of the burden. Treat them well and exfoliate at least once every week. Keep them healthy and fresh to avoid aches and pains in the future. All the supplies you need to exfoliate should be available in most pharmacies and home and bath stores. Stock up on them because they are a necessity.


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