How To Exfoliate Your Body for Soft Skin

Everyone desires radiant and healthy skin. You can achieve a softer skin by exfoliating your body frequently. The dead cells in your skin must be removed so your skin will have less wrinkles and it will appear smoother. Below are several steps and guides on how to exfoliate your body so you can achieve a softer skin.

  • Dry brush your skin before taking a bath. Use exfoliating gloves, exfoliating brush or a loofah while taking your shower. Start brushing your feet soles, and work your body upwards until you have brushed your whole body. It’s important that your body is wet enough before you start brushing. Apply the exfoliating cleanser to your brush or loofah and start scrubbing your body in gentle and circular motion. For mild exfoliation, use a washcloth.
  • Cleansers. Choose grainy cleansers because they can clean your skin better compared to soap. Find exfoliating cleansers that have ingredients like ground almonds, sea salt, and oatmeal. The grainy texture will exfoliate your skin. Remember that some beauty products are rougher than others and you need to try several cleansers to determine what cleansers, exfoliation or other beauty products that will work best for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, then use little rubbing as possible. Don’t exfoliate your skin with excessive abrasive cleansers because you can burst your delicate blood vessels beneath your skin. If your blood vessels burst, then your skin may look permanently flushed. If you suffer from telangiectasia by excessive use of abrasive cleansers, then you must be treated by a laser surgeon.
  • Create your own cleansers. You can create your own cleansers if you desire. Just mix lemon juice, sea salt, and olive oil. You can also mix powdered milk and ground almonds. The are endless possibilities. Read health and beauty related magazines and books for more ideas. The cheapest way in exfoliating your body is by using sand. You just need to take some sand and brush it onto your body while you are taking your shower. Moisturize your body with lotion afterward to maintain its smoothness and softness.
  • Post exfoliation procedure. Use lotion with beta or alpha hydroxy acids after exfoliation. The lotion with the mentioned ingredients will continue the exfoliation process even after your shower because those acids will further remove and abrade the dead skin cells in your body.
  • Body moisturizers. It’s important to apply body moisturizers at least once per day. Regular exfoliation will dry your skin so you need to balance it by using body moisturizers.
  • Skin consultation. It is advisable to consult your dermatologist or physician before applying any exfoliation. Through this way, you can avoid allergies or other skin irritation that might appear by skin exfoliation.
  • Maintenance. As you identify particular beauty products that work best in your skin, maintain it. But observe your skin carefully if there are side effects. It’s better if you have a beauty journal where you can put notes about your skin transition. You can also write the beauty products and their corresponding prices to help you.

Cleansers and other beauty products can smooth and soften your skin but remember that having a healthy regimen is still the best way for you to have a healthier looking skin. Having enough sleep, sufficient exercise, and a healthy diet will make your skin appear more radiant.


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