How To Fade Chicken Pox Scars

Chicken pox is a common disease of kids, which has a flu-like symptoms accompanied with red and itchy rashes which turns eventually into blisters and scabs. Chicken pox is a mild illness and usually harmless. The scarring caused by the itching blisters may be problematic, especially if the scars turn out to be deep and plenty and extensive. The scars left by the chicken pox may be difficult to resolve, but there are ways to lighten and even fade the chicken pox scars.

Apply Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter, also called theobroma cacao, is alight yellow cream made from vegetable fat from the cacao bean. It is a stable fat and is known for its antioxidant contents. Cocoa butter also has moisturizing abilities, and helps diminish darkened marks or spots in the body over time. Apply generously over the cleansed skin area with pox scars, preferably every night.

Use products with 10% Alpha hydroxy acid

Alpha hydroxyl acid is a chemical contained in some of the peeling products in the market. It is a water-soluble chemical and can cause scar lightening and fading through peeling. Like most of the skin care products, alpha hydroxyl acid must be applied on the skin in order to take effect. It has a side effect of redness and flaking, thus It must be used sparingly. Another reminder when using products with alpha hydroxy acid is to use a sunscreen SPF 30 or even higher to protect the peeling skin.


Microdermabrasion, also referred to as microderm, is a cosmetic procedure where in the top most layer of skin is partially or completely removed through abrasion technique. Dead skin cells are scraped out and scars and darkened areas are lessened or even virtually removed. This procedure is for aesthetic purposes and requires no anesthetic. Aside from the usual discomfort, the procedure is said to be pain-free.

LED Light Therapy/Phototherapy

Phototherapy is a laser treatment therapy wherein red and infrared lights are used. These lights penetrate the skin and can heal old, fixated collagens like scars. This therapy is non-ablative, therefore, it is safe and would not destruct the integrity of the skin.the advantage of this type of therapy is that there is no need to apply any creams or solutions on the skin especially on the hard to reach areas of the body. There is also no need to take any oral medications. However, the LED Light Therapy is a bit costly compared to other modes of treatment, and the effects vary from one person to another. You can visit a dermatologist to describe the details of the Laser therapy procedure.

As one grows older, having a clear skin is important especially when it comes to self-esteem. Thus, treatments for chicken pox scar removal are increasingly available these days. Chemical, pharmaceutical, and different procedures and treatments are offered for scar lightening and removal. However, consulting a professional dermatologist is important and is the  first step prior to trying conventional, and even unconventional, treatments to fade chicken pox scars.


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