How To Fade Cosmetic Surgery Scars

Scars are usually present after any surgical procedures, including cosmetic surgery. Healing it may be prolonged or hastened depending on factors such as your skin type and aftercare measures. To help you out, here are simple guidelines to fade away those unwanted scar lines from surgery.

Doctor’s advice. Try to adhere to all the necessary aftercare measures listed by your doctor. Proper care and cleaning should be prioritized for your surgical wounds to heal fast. During your recovery, you can ask your doctor whether you can apply any ointments or treatments to prevent unwanted scars

You can also consult your dermatologist to identify what works best for your skin type. Inquire for scar treatments that has Retin-A contents that is known to promote cellular healing. This helps to gradually lighten your scars and fade them clean.

Scar treatments. There are various scar fading treatments and procedures available out there. From topical ointments to cosmetic procedures, you’re sure to find one that fits you. To highlight some, here’s a simple list for you to run through.

  • Scar treatment creams. They contain scar fading extracts like onions and other chemicals proved to reduce the scar formation over time. You need daily application directly over your scar for best results. The desired outcome may take around 2-3 months before its effects become evident.
  • Chemical peels. They have exfoliating properties that literally peel your dead skin cells. This will also include peeling off excessive layers of your scar fading and making it light over time. Just be sure to have the right strength of chemical peels as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Silicon sheet. It’s one of innovative solutions in scar treatment today. You need to cover up your scar with a silicon-based sheet that directly affects it. It will stay in place around a week’s time or so. Use it accordingly as prescribed and you’ll see your scars fade with regular use.
  • Laser treatment. It’s a multiple session treatment to fade your scars using the latest laser technology. Your attending doctor for your cosmetic surgery could even offer you this treatment as a complete package from surgery to complete recovery. This treatment provides the fastest way to heal your scars but only if you’re willing to spend an extra.

Healing inside out. You can help fading your scars by having a healthy diet. Nutritious foods rich in vitamins and mineral will replenish your body’s strength and boost your skin regeneration as well. You also need to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Remember that skin heals faster if it’s moisturized inside out. Lastly, you can also massage your scarred skin daily if the wound has completely healed. You can repeat it throughout the day as this will improve blood circulation in the area.

You don’t need to hide forever because you have your scars. You only need to know what scar fading method is most effective for you. Have the patience to get through everything and you’ll reap the rewards with great results!


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