How To Fade Spider Veins

Spider veins can be considered a cosmetic problem when it occurs in visible areas such as the face and legs. Though it might not post a dangerous threat to your health, spider vein formation can be seen as a blemish in your skin. Fading these unwanted vein formations may be possible as long as you try and carefully observe the following.

  • Consult a doctor. You can go and see a dermatologist to get a prescription for fading spider veins. Usually, you’d only be given topical ointments and creams to fade away the discoloration brought about by your spider veins. If you have a severe case of spider vein formation, you can inquire about possible medical procedures to remove it.
  • Proper blood circulation. The key to prevention and even cure to spider vein formation is to have adequate supply of blood in the affected area. Prolonged stay in one position promotes pooling of blood that often leads to spider veins. Try to have regular sets of exercise such as brisk walks or even stretching when you’re at work. Avoid long hours of sitting in one position and even crossing of legs. When you’re at home, you can elevate your affected leg higher than your body when you lay flat.
  • Stay in your ideal bodyweight. The extra weight we carry tends to provide additional stress in our legs causing stasis of blood. When blood becomes stagnant it forms unwanted formation such as spider veins and even various veins. Have a healthy diet and try to stick to the normal range for your bodyweight.
  • Magic creams. These are the so called vein eraser treatments that are specifically used for spider veins and various veins. Some may contain plant extracts, chemicals and even Vitamin K which all aims to improve circulation and lighten up the discoloration. You can also use a specific makeup to cover and mask the spider veins with natural skin color.
  • Medical treatments. You can opt to do this first if you have severe cases of spider vein. The only downside of this treatment is that the procedure costs quite higher than all creams and ointments combined. Here’s a list of the possible medical treatments for spider veins.
        • Sclerotheraphy. This is the most common form of treatment for spider veins. An active solution is injected by doctors on the affected areas. It is usually done as an outpatient procedure. The effects may become evident after a week or so depending on the spread of the spider vein formation.
        • Laser surgery. This procedure is the most popular way of removing any unwanted skin blemish even including spider vein formation. It uses a concentrated light to fade any visible spider vein marks. You may be advised for a multiple session treatment if you have a severe case of spider veins.
        • Traditional surgery. This will definitely remove the spider vein formation as it works by closing the veins completely. The catch is that it is also the most invasive procedure of the three. It needs anesthesia for the pain caused by surgery.

Fading your spider veins is now within your reach! You can regain your confidence in yourself and show off your blemish free skin!


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