How To Feather Hair

Having a feathered look for your hair is ideal if you happen to have straight and silky smooth hair. It is primarily a technique to texture hair that is carried to create lightened delicate ends and also remove some volume from specified areas.

This look was quite popular during the 1980's with all the styles during that time. So if you want feathered hair, you can go to your favorite hairdresser and ask him to give you that 80's look.

But you can do it yourself too. It will give you the look that you desire without using specialized equipment. All you have to use are a comb, a hairdryer and a hair styling product such as gel or spray. So want to have that feathered hair by yourself? You can follow these steps. 

  • Secure all the needed tools. Be sure that you keep your comb, hairdryer and an effective yet gentle hair styling product handy. You can also buy a large curling brush that is round in shape so that you will be able to achieve the flip on your own. This should be large so that your hair can wind around for a couple of times.
  • Prepare your hair. You should shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly. Then dry your hair using a clean towel and untangle them using a wide toothed comb. You have to make sure that you will cut the hair when it is damp since feathering method may result in fly-aways if you cut dry. You may need to do some trimming on your hair so that it will achieve a fresh new look. Then brush using your round curling brush
  • Blow dry your hair. You should hold the brush in a vertical position in one hand and the hairdryer on the other. Be sure that you are not going to dry your hair too closely so that you will not damage your hair. You start blow drying from the back of your hair to the front. You should also curl the thin vertical tips of your hair into curls that are barrel style to prevent fly-aways. You can also use curling iron to achieve that curly look and have more control over the curvature of your feathers. But be sure that your hair is already dry when you iron since this may cause your hair to be burned.
  • Add the finishing touch. Put your feathered hair in place with the use of a vent brush. You do not want to have any misplaced hair in your new look. This will add aesthetic value to your newly feathered hair. You may also need to apply some styling products such as gel or spray so that your hair will be kept in place and will not be easily destroyed.

Styling your hair, like making it feathered, is a good way of coming out from your old hairstyle. This will give you a renewed look that you may have wanted for you to achieve. Do not be bothered if they say that you are old-fashioned. They may just be envious of you.


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