How To Fill In or Draw Perfect Eyebrows

Most women think that a proper way to shape their eyebrows is by plucking the thinnest hair strands, leaving only the longer and the thicker strands. This is incorrect and perhaps the cause of many unusual eyebrow shapes. But even if you know how to correctly shape your brows, you might still pluck too much. Good thing, you can remedy that problem by filling in and drawing your eyebrows to perfection.

Follow the steps below to fill in or draw the perfect eyebrows:

  • Have the perfect material handy for filling the eyebrows. An eyebrow pencil is the most common. It will be perfect for small imperfections. But you should be very careful using this because only practiced hands can use this correctly. Powder eyebrow colors are good also if you want to darken your eyebrows. Cake-like materials should be the choice for dark and filled-in eyebrows.
  • Shape the perfect eyebrows by drawing them using an eyeliner pencil. White is the most preferred color but it is okay to use the same color you will be using for filling in the perfect eyebrows. Just don’t use any other color or your eyebrows will look weird.
  • Fill in the perfect eyebrows. If you will be using a pencil, fill in the eyebrows with short and quick strokes, which follow the natural flow of the hair and the eye shape. If you will be using powder, apply only one light coat and add more coats only if necessary. If you’ll be using cake products, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions since these products differ on their application methods.
  • Satisfied? If not, remove the filled in color and repeat Step 3 until you get your desired eyebrows. Once satisfied, finish your eyebrows with a setting gel to keep the makeup in place.

Unfortunately, filling in or drawing the perfect eyebrows will never be possible without shaping the perfect eyebrows first.

Shaping to Perfection

Here’s how to shape the perfect eyebrows:

  • Use a ruler to figure out the end and beginning of the eyebrow shape. Put the ruler on the nostril and the inner corner of the right eye. Mark the intersection of the ruler to your eyebrow with an eyeliner pencil. Put the ruler at the outer corner of the right eye and mark the intersection on your eyebrow. The first two marks are the start and end of the eyebrow shape.
  • Look at yourself on the mirror and put the ruler at the iris’ outer edge. Mark the intersection on the eyebrow and that will be the peak of the arc.
  • Remove the outcast hair. Start cutting or plucking the hair outside of the start and end lines. Comb the eyebrow hair and trim those that are longer than others.
  • Time to shape the brows to perfection. First, work under the eyebrows by tweezing obvious hairs. After that, create the shape by tweezing one hair at a time. Stop after tweezing a few hairs to see if you’re getting the right shape.

If this is your first time to shape your own eyebrows, do not expect to get the best result. You’re lucky if you won’t cut too much hair. Don’t worry, though, because the more you do it, the better the shape will be.


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