How To Fill in Sparse Eyebrows

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Your makeup may look great, but if your eyebrows are thinning or non-existent, you won't look as good as you can. This guide will help you to fill in sparse eyebrows so that you can have a great daytime or evening look.

Step 1

Choose the right colors. To fill in your sparse eyebrows, you'll need an eye pencil and powder. These will adhere well to the skin around your eyebrows. Choose a soft eye pencil that isn't too waxy. Opt for a shade of eye pencil that is one shade lighter (or darker, if you have light hair) than your eye brow hair. Then choose a powder to match.

Step 2

Prepare your eyebrows. Get your eyebrows ready for makeup application by running an eyebrow comb through them to get all of the hairs going in the same direction.

Step 3

Fill in your sparse eyebrows with a pencil. The first makeup application you'll need to do to fix thin brows is to fill in your eyebrows with your eye pencil. In short, light strokes, fill in any light or sparse spots with your eye liner. It will look like you're coloring in your eyebrows, and in a way, you are. But you don't want to color in your entire brow. Just fill in the areas that need it, or your brow won't look natural. Make sure there are no noticeable sparse spots. You also don't want to draw definite lines with your eye pencil either. You want to use your eye pencil to create the illusion of hair, so ensure that the strokes are short and the lines look like hair.

Step 4

Add some eyeshadow or powder. After you've filled in the sparse areas of your eyebrows with your eye pencil, follow with some eye powder or eyeshadow. Apply the powder over your entire brow using an angled brush. The powder should stick to the eye pencil you've just put on, which will help to blend everything together.

Step 5

Prevent your colors from fading. You can ensure that your sparse brows aren't noticed throughout the day by making your makeup stick, literally! Finish off your eyebrow fix with a little squirt of hairspray. You can spray it directly at your eyebrows, but since this will likely get all over your face, it's better to just put a little on your finger or a sponge and brush it along your eyebrow. (Just make sure you don't rub off the makeup in the process!)

Avoid having to deal with sparse eyebrows by controlling how much you pluck. Outline the area you want to pluck, and then go no further! If you can't control your urges to pluck, have your eyebrows professionally waxed. This will prevent any sparse eyebrows.


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