How To Find an Affordable Prom Dress

The prom is one of the most memorable events for a teenager, especially the girls. They have a reason to dress up and do a makeover. Finding a dress to wear on the special night is one of the important preparations, aside from deciding on the hairstyle, make-up and accessories. To find that perfect dress without spending a fortune, here are some tips you might find useful:

Shop when there is a SALE. Stores offer sales when it is "off season", so it is most advisable to hit the stores a month after the usual prom schedule, if your prom is due the next year. If you are worried about the dress going out of style, choose a plain colored dress, either white, pink, red or black, to be on the safe side. Print dresses may be fashionable for a few months, but it might not last a year. Also, choose a style that is not too flashy, and does not have too many ruffles, laces and ribbons. It is easier to add accessories than remove them from the dress.

Check out secondhand stores. Items from thrift stores or flea markets are mostly secondhand, but if you are determined to find a good dress, the key is to look and rummage through lots of clothes. Sometimes, the good ones are hidden under the pile. Some second-hand clothes just need a good washing, and they will be as good as new. There are second hand dresses that need minor repair, such as zipper replacement.

Borrow from friends. If you have older friends or relatives that have attended formal gatherings such as weddings, formal dinners and proms, you can borrow a dress instead. This way, it saves you a lot of money, and all you have to worry about is washing the dress afterwards before returning it. If you borrow a dress, you should ask the owner's permission first if it is okay to adjust the dress so it will fit your body. Also, ask if it is okay to add some accessories such as beads and ribbons. Your friend who no longer needs the dress might also consider selling it to you at a cheaper price.

Repair an old dress. If you have a knack for sewing, you can repair an old dress and convert it to a more modern design. You can also have it repaired by a seamstress. You will only need a few additional materials like laces, ribbons and lining.

Create your own dress. Create your own design, buy your own cloth and sew your own dress. The advantage is you will come up with a unique design that did not come out of a store, so you need not worry about bumping into someone with exactly the same dress. You can also have a seamstress sew your dress while you provide her with the design and materials.

Accessorize. You can wear a very simple, plain colored dress, and just add accessories such as jewelries or a stylish shawl to add an accent. With accessories, the possibilities are endless.


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