How To Find and Use Natural Underarm Deodorants

Body odor, this is a real affliction that can numb the senses of any person, specifically the sense of smell. Most of the time, body odor emanates from the armpits. To eliminate it, deodorant is the best remedy available. The only problem with the commercial underarm deodorants available like Gillette, Nivea, and Arid XXX is that they all contain synthetic chemicals which can darken the skin. If you are not too particular with how your underarm skin looks, then go for it. But, if you are, then you may want to settle for the natural kinds of deodorant. Here are some ideas on how to find natural deodorant and how to apply it to your underarm.

  • Check the stores in your area. Since natural hygienic products are becoming very common nowadays, it is highly likely that you will be able to find one, at the very least, in some of the stores in your locality. Beauty supply stores, pharmacies, and large groceries and supermarkets should be the first places to check. They should carry at least some brands of natural deodorants at their aisles. If the search leads you to nothing, you can always try stores that are dedicated to all natural products. One such store is GNC which carries a plethora of different natural products. These stores can be found in most states so finding one should not pose a problem.
  • Check online. If the local search results are less to be desired, then you can always hunt for a natural deodorant product online. A simple and quick search on Google should net you dozens of online stores dedicated to natural health and hygiene products. It is highly unlikely that natural deodorants will be left out since these types of products are normally in demand. You can also check Craig’s list and EBay as well since these sites normally have user posts that sell these types of natural products.
  • Application. The application of natural deodorants can vary depending on the kind you purchase. For instance, if you purchased crystal deodorant, then you will have to apply it quite differently from those that come in liquid, gel, or powder form. If what you purchased is in crystal form, you will want to apply it wet. That means that you will have to dampen the crystal with water. Once wet, rub the crystal on your underarm and the particles that come from the crystal should adhere to your skin easily. After use, clean the crystal by removing any dead skin or hair on it. Allow it to dry for its next use. If the natural deodorant you purchased is either in the roll on bottle or in powder form, then you will want to apply it the way you would with commercial deodorant. For the roll, on simply roll it on your underarm back and forth a couple of times. If the deodorant is in powder form, then you will want to gently pat it all around your underarm.

That is basically it. You now know how to find natural deodorant and how to apply it. Hopefully, this will cure your annoying and incapacitating body odor completely.


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