How To Find Buzzed Haircuts for Women

Some women like you are so fashion-forward. You thrive better when you get the chance to break fashion rules. If someone dares you to shave your head, just to make a strong statement against a bad hair day, you won't even blink or hesitate. In fact, your apparent prospect to be edgy and different inspires you to try or do anything out-of-the-ordinary. However, going bald is already passé.

What if you were challenged to wear a buzzed haircut? Are you still ready to make that inimitable fashion statement? The buzzed haircut has been popularly referred to as the crew cut or the waffle. It is exceedingly short. It can create and lend a very strong aura to your feminine look. It also highlights your facial beauty, letting you reflect a confident personality. If your answer is a resounding "yes", here are some tips on how you can find buzzed haircuts for women and inspire yourself to wear it, your way:

1.  Scan the celebrity pages. Find out who among the stars already opted to wear the buzzed hairstyle with flair and enthusiasm. Look for the ones who really made an effort to do so.

For example, people may have thought the Britney Spears nailed the buzzed hairstyle and she should be credited for setting it as a fashion trend for the now generation. Well, that may be an overstatement. She only triggered the trend by accident. Go for those who really went out of their way to be noticed and admired. Take the case of Natalie Portman. When she went out of her "usual image" and decided to don a buzzed hairstyle in her role in "V for Vendetta", she proved how the short haircut, despite it manly attributes, can heighten and celebrate a woman's beauty. You may also want to check out the story of Sinead O'Connor.

2.  Surf the Internet. You may be surprised to find a number of sites that are dedicated in showcasing galleries of women with buzzed haircuts. You may also read about the special features on them on-line. There is one notable article, entitled "Eight Women Who Look Better Bald than Britney."  It identifies celebrities who were able to pull off the look and appeared more stunning and gorgeous that Britney Spears.

3.  Collect rare photos. Start with Google's search engine. See if there are exciting shots to begin your collection. Make sure that you only keep the files with higher or better resolutions. You may also classify your photos according to the specific type. Buzz haircuts come in different styles. For instance, there is a buzz haircut with medium sideburns. There is another one with bangs. The two mentioned styles are well-structured and clean. They fit women executive, sought-after models, and fashion icons. You may discover the rest of the types as you collate your photos.

Now, if the three suggestions above aren't enough, think about this: give yourself a buzzed haircut. You may surprise people and become the next big thing. Bear in mind that in being beautiful, there is really nothing to stop you.


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