How To Find Cheap Designer Jeans

Designer jeans are sought-after by fashionistas like you. Wearing them makes you feel edgy and stylish. They give you a unique kind of confidence, maybe something that you feel when you know that you are wearing what you really, really like. However, designer jeans can cost you a fortune, particularly if you are not resourceful enough to bargain hunt. Here are some practical steps to let you afford the next designer jeans in your wardrobe:

  1. Discover where you can find your town's lesser-known clothing boutiques. Yes, the more they are unheard of, the more you should track them down. Make sure that they sell and carry some denims. Their sale bins usually have those designer jeans that you run after, of course, without the customary high price tags. Just don't cause any commotion when you get to see one that perfectly suits your taste. Contain your excitement. Remember, designer jeans are cheaper there because they don't directly compete with the chic department stores that you know well.
  2. Befriend the boutique personnel. Then, inquire about their major sale events. When are they normally held? How long do they last? What's the highest discount rate that they offer? You may even want to note their schedule for clearance. It is the time of the year when they clear their stock rooms of excess inventory and disposing those stocks is best aided by price markdowns up to 80%!
  3. Closely monitor the fashion trends. Of course, if you want to be fashion-forward, you should aspire for the latest designs even before they get the chance to reach the market. Unfortunately, you know that doing that isn't really necessary. Remember, you are budget-conscious. So, content yourself by getting the best out of designer jeans that just went "out of style". Wearing them a little bit later than their heydays isn't that bad, right?
  4. Spend time scouring those thrift stores. As the saying goes, reward comes to those who wait. So, be patient. Go over those sale bins and you may eventually find your hidden treasure. Good secondhand shops that you may wish to visit are Marshall's and Ross'.
  5. Surf the net. This works best if you don't want have the time and energy to go around and look for the best finds. All you have to do is go on-line and check out the merchandise that you like. You may be surprised to realize that there are innumerable websites that offer wonderful designer jeans at incredibly low, low prices.
  6. Try shopping at eBay. Why not? eBay is usually the last resort. This is where you find solace when everything else already failed. But shopping there requires you to negotiate with the seller. As a buyer, you have the advantage to get what you want according to your working budget.

So, don't worry about not getting any designer jeans anytime soon. Maybe, in your next visit to your favorite store or in your on-line stint, something awaits to surprise and delight you. Remember, patience is a virtue.


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