How To Find Discontinued Beauty Products

Have you ever experienced finally finding that exact shade of eyeshadow that complements your eyes perfectly (and which loads of other people compliment you for), and then finding out that the manufacturer has discontinued this product? Okay, instead of lamenting your awful luck, be assured by the fact that there’s hope yet. There are many ways that you could still find that beauty products for sale even if they’ve been discontinued. Here are some guidelines to help you out:

  • Speak to the store manager where you usually buy that product. When you find that the product is no longer on the shelves, don’t panic: find out first why. Speak to a store attendant or to the store manager, and you might find out that the product is just out of stock and that they will receive the next batch soon.
  • Contact the manufacturer. Find out the contact number of the manufacturer and speak with a customer service representative. Find out the details as to why the item was discontinued, and whether they still have some stocks available that you could order. If they don’t have stocks at hand, inquire whether the product is still available in some stores, or whether it is being sold online. They may also have some outlet stores near you, where the product may still be available at greatly reduced prices. And also, the product you are looking for may actually still be manufactured, except that it’s being sold under a new name or with a new packaging. Inquire about this possibility, as well.
  • Check online. Know that there are websites where discontinued cosmetics and beauty products are turned over. If you’re looking for Almay or Revlon, check out If you’re looking for products by Benefit, check out If you’re looking for products from Neutrogena, Max Factor or KMS, try out Another option is to go to the official website of the brand that you are looking for, and you might find the product in its clearance sale pages. For example, has a “last chance” page where you can “stock up on items before they disappear”.
  • Call up the “Gone But Not Forgotten” program. If you’re looking for a brand under Estee Lauder (Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Aveda and Stila, among others), you could call them up at (646) 602-7800. This is a hotline where a customer service representative can look up an item for you, to check for its availability.
  • Check out Three Custom Color Specialist is a website where professionals could custom blend for you the exact shade that you want. If you still have a bit of the discontinued product left over, you could send it over to them and they could recreate it for you. A bonus is that they will archive your request so you could order another batch afterward, without having to mail any more sample again.

Searching for the discontinued beauty product you love is now highly possible, though you should be ready for a little bit of research and legwork to get just what you need. Do remember that cosmetics have a specific shelf life, so you should act fast to find that one shade you’re looking for.


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