How To Find Garment Labels

Garment labels are the labels that you see at the back of your clothes. These garment tags have the brand of the clothing, where it was made and sometimes, instructions on how to properly wash the garment. If you are starting your own clothing or garment company, you also need an apparel label customized. You can design your own company logo and name and get a printing company to do the garment labels for you. Afterwards, you can already saw them on to your clothing or to the apparel that you are going to sell.

Here are some websites where you can find printing of garment labels that you can use:

  • Name Maker is a company that personalizes different types of items. On this website, you can ask them to personalize ribbons, stickers, wrapping paper, stationery, towels, gift tags and clothing labels. This company has been around since 1938 so you can be sure of the quality of service that they provide their customers. You can also choose from the type of clothing label that you want. Some of the choices you have are sew on or iron on labels, woven labels, bordered labels, care content labels and many more. You can visit the website to see how you can order and get your personalized cloth labels.
  •  Clothing Labels 4 U is a website where you can order different types of clothing wash labels from. Some of their products include woven clothing labels, hang tags, apparel labels, care labels, customized clothing labels, embroidered labels, leather labels and many more. You can call the company to get a free price quote for the labels that you want made. They are also known as one of the companies who provide this service for low prices.
  • – This is the website of Apparel Label International. This company provides high quality labels for your apparel. Most of the labels that you can order from the website can be done in a day. The services that they offer are for woven labels, size strips, adhesive labels, size labels, swimwear hygiene labels and many more. You can check the website to see the samples of the products that they have.
  • Easy 2 Name is another website where you can order garment labels from. They provide stick on labels, iron on labels, sew on labels and name tags. You can see the range of products that this company offers from their website. If you want, you can request a brochure from the website to see the complete list of products and services that they offer.

These are some of the websites where you can purchase garment labels. Getting customized garment labels are not only for the people who want to set up their own clothing business. You can also have clothing tags printed if you want to put labels on your clothes so that you do not lose them. This is especially useful for children who can leave their clothes lying around.


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