How To Find Hip Hop Tattoos

Some people consider tattoos as expressions of themselves. Hip hop artists from Tupac to 50 Cent sport tattoos to elaborate and mark themselves as icons. If you want to give yourself the same mark, get a hip hop tattoo. Here is how to find the perfect hip hop tattoo for you:

  1. The best way to find a hip hop tattoo is actually going to a legit tattoo parlor to choose from their designs. Tattoo parlors often offer their own creations or designs and you can get them from free if you let them work on it on your body. Of course you have to pay for their services. A lot of tattoo artists concentrate on hip hop tattoos because tattoos are one of the most trending topics for most young people. They do not go out of fashion that they can still be trendy in years to come. If you want to have your own design that does not mimic any other design, you can enlist the help of the tattoo artist to help you design your idea and transfer it to ink.
  2. The Internet is a haven for information. You can do a quick search through Google’s image search or any search engines like Yahoo or AOL for sketches of hip hop tattoos. If you know any known tattoo artist already, you can search for him online and browse through his designs. Remember that online designs can cost you to purchase tattoo designs so you have to decide if you are willing to shell out some cash for the fee.
  3. Go to websites that are solely dedicated for tattoo research like that have information on which tattoo design and tattoo ideas you can be interested on. It is important to do research on which style, color, size or type you want before actually getting a design sketched in ink on you. You can browse through their tattoo gallery to check on pictures and tattoo designs.
  4. If you have a particular hip hop artist in mind, check him out on the Internet for their pictures. If they are sporting a tattoo that you fancy, try to find images of them with their tattoo visible enough to visualize. You can research on which tattoo artist or parlor your hip hop icon had his tattoo done. You can then research for that tattoo artist’s contact details and give him a call to inquire about prices, designs and scheduling. Give the artist a visit to look at his designs personally and then you can schedule an appointment if you are already decided on it.
  5. Magazines that showcase tattoos are good to browse for hip hop tattoos as well. Magazines like Urban Ink are a good source for various tattoos and tattoo artists. You can check other magazines of the same nature for latest hip hop tattoos that you may want to consider getting. The magazines usually contain the contact details of the artist so you may want to take the details down as well.
  6. There are TV series that are about tattoos and tattoo artists especially in the Discovery networks. Watch some of their episodes to get glimpses of hip hop tattoos.

Tattoos are considered works of art so no matter whom your tattoo artist is, you know you are sporting his work for him. Tattoos nowadays can be removed from your skin but it can be costly so remember to be decisive and firm on which hip hop tattoo you are getting.


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