How To Find Perfume Samples

If you love perfume, you know that purchasing a bottle is an investment. A good bottle of perfume lasts several months or up to two years, depending on your consumption. However, you must know that before you spend the money to buy a bottle, you need to make sure that the scent you have chosen complements your body chemistry.

No two people will wear the same fragrance exactly the same way, so getting a sample and trying out the scent is the best way to know how a particular scent will agree with you. Getting a spritz at the perfume counter at the department store may not always work, since the scent usually wears off after a while. It’s best to wear a sample throughout the day, to see how it works for you. Here’s how to find perfume samples.

  • Be bold and ask for one. Go to the cosmetic counter of the manufacturer of the perfume and ask for a free sample vial. These samples are kept under the display counter, and you have to specifically ask for it to get one. The best places to get free samples are Sephora and Nordstrom. You can get a carded sample of the perfume at these places, including Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. However, Sephora and Nordstrom go the extra mile and can give a sample in either a small glass vial or plastic atomizer. Consider bringing your own container so that the sales person can transfer some of the perfume to your container.
  • Make a purchase. If the cosmetic also makes other beauty products, the sales merchandiser is more likely to hand you a free sample if you purchase other products. If you purchase a new tube of lipstick or a jar of anti-aging cream, be bold and ask if there are other freebie samples she can hand out to you.
  • Go online. The Internet is another great resource to getting a sample of perfume. Go directly to a company website and see if the company can mail you a free sample. Other times, you may be able to download a free coupon to show the cosmetic counter so you can get a freebie. There are also some websites that sell and distribute perfumes that can be resources for samples for a minimal fee. Act of Perfumery and Sonoma Scent Studio are some place you can try. You can also try purchasing samples of fragrances on eBay.
  • Go outlet shopping. If it’s a designer fragrance you want, try the outlet store. Aside from the clothes and accessories, the outlet store may carry small sample vials. You can also try perfumery stores. However, you may have to pay for a small sample. Consider this better than spending over $50 for a scent you won’t end up liking anyway.
  • Get a gift with purchase. Estee Lauder, Clinique and other major cosmetic companies have bi-annual gift with purchase sales. Oftentimes, there is a small vial of sample perfume included in the gift pack.
  • Get a sample when the perfume is launched. Manufacturers spend money to give away samples of a new scent. Be at the department store when a scent is first launched, or a few weeks within the product launch. You’re more likely to get a free sample this way.

If you do your research, you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you’ve tried all other avenues, you may want to get a sample from a friend who already has the perfume. Samples are readily available. Be patient and know where to look.


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