How To Find Short Hair Styles

Since the beginning of time, women have been concerned about their hair. That famous 3,000-year-old statuette from the Ice Age - Venus of Willendorf and of Brassempouy - clearly shows an image of a lady who styled her hair. Women at that time clearly already had a concept of beauty and attractiveness.

Short hair on women has also popular in history. Small clay figurines discovered in Bosnia, which are up to 7,000 years old, showed figures that were sporting short, neatly combed hair. In the Baroque era, women embraced the "hurluberlu coiffure," which was a hair style that needed to be worn short, with thick downward pointing curls at the back of the head. But this did not last long and women started piling their hair into heights reaching 60 cm. high! Women started to cut their hair during the Edwardian era. Using the Flapper Style, women styled their hair into a bob cut.

Throughout history, hair styles have been erratic, sometimes favoring long tresses for both men and women, donning wigs or dyeing their hair, and sporting short hair styles. Short hair styles are said to give the wearer more freedom and mobility. Hair washing and styling time is cut in half and it costs less to maintain. If you would want to try sporting a shorter bob, here are some tips how to find short hair styles.

  • One of the main sources of information nowadays is the Internet. On the World Wide Web, you could find tons of information about different hair styles. Just punch in the search topic on short hair styles, and hundreds of sites with galleries of short hair styles will be at your reach.
  • There are also hair style magazines that have special features on different hair styles. Each magazine issue features long hair styles, medium length hair styles and short hair styles. With so many possibilities in short hair styles, there are always photos and features about this style in magazines.
  • Ask your local hair stylist for his collection of sample short hair styles. Hair stylists always keep copies of current hair trends in all lengths. If you ask, they will bring out their collection of short hair styles for you to choose from.

Just like any hair style, styles for short hair should also suit a particular face shape. Oval-shaped faces are good with almost any style, but the best short hair cut for an oval face is a cute pixie cut with soft fringes. Curled or spiked, it will good look on an oval-shaped face. Those with round-shaped faces would find it a little difficult to have short hair, but a short pixie cut (with no curls) and wisps falling across the face should lessen the round image. Square-shaped faces look good with short hair, but without bangs, and heart-shaped faces look good with short hair that has long side-swept bangs.

Short hair styles look fresh and cool, most especially when they are worn together with different hair accessories. With a little research, and some cool hair accessories, change your look and be cool with your short hair style.


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