How To Find Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been with us for a long time. Although no one can really pinpoint when man started inking and drawing on his own skin, the oldest known tattoo was found on a mummy as old as 5,300 years old. Traditionally, there are some who believe that tattoos were drawn as medicinal tools, similar to the function of acupuncture today. Others seem to have practiced tattooing as a ritual for establishing social status or for decorative purposes.

If you have already decided that you want to have a tattoo, the next step will be finding the tattoo design for you. You may have a vague idea of what you think could be a good tattoo design. If you are helping your friend find a good tattoo design, don't rush it. A lot of people can spend months just thinking about the tattoo design they will have. Before deciding, you have to see other tattoo designs from which you could choose. So how do you find tattoo designs?

  1. First, check online. There are a lot of interesting designs and images online that could be transformed into an image for a tattoo. There are also several sites that have samples of tattoo designs and you might find one that is similar to the design you have in mind. It would be a good idea to look for sites that, not only offer tattoo designs, but also offer to send the stencils along with the design upon making a purchase. This way, you may bring the design you prefer to the tattoo artist of your choice.
  2. Read magazines and design books. Images and photos are aplenty in magazines and photo albums. You might be able to find a design or image that you would want to be made into a tattoo. Although it could prove difficult to transform an image into a tattoo, line work and shading will be factors used to ascertain if the image you want can be made into a tattoo. It would probably be good advice to just use the images found in books and magazines as reference material.
  3. Look for tattoo-friendly collections of flash art. Tattoo flash art is a collection of tattoo design reference for customers of tattoo artists to choose from. As tattooists set up their own studios, these tattoo flash art were hung on their walls so that people could readily choose from among them. Tattoo flashes are like albums of tattoo artists.
  4. Look for friends with tattoos. You may have friends who are sporting tattoos. You could check out and see for yourself their tattoo designs. Some people have various tattoos all over their bodies. If you have friends who have several tattoo designs, you could ask him which ones are the best for him or you could just look at all the tattoos that can be seen easily to check it out.

Tattoos have been found all over the world and have been with us for thousands of years. Although the function of tattoos have not been universal with some just using it for décor and others for establishing social status, tattoos are going to be with us for a long, long time.


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