How To Find the Best Sales on Neiman Marcus Brands

Shopping at Neiman Marcus is always a fun thing to do. And nothing ups the fun factor than getting items in this exclusive, specialty store on a bargain!

Have you gone through fashion magazines and found yourself salivating over celebrities’ Prada bags and Tory Burch totes? Have you always wanted to own a Badgely Mischka dress or a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps but could not afford one? If you are then here are tips on how.

  • Sign Up. First thing you have to do is visit the Neiman Marcus website at and sign up for an account. A lot of items on sale are usually available only through the store’s online shopping site so don’t miss an opportunity to get first dibs on all must-have items. However, keep in mind that most items—from handbags to shoes—are items from past seasons so choose something that’s classic so you will be sure that they will never go out of style. Also, items on clearance are limited so hurry before stocks run out.
  • Last Call. Neiman Marcus has also come up with an outlet store aptly called Neiman Marcus Last Call Clearance Center. Here, you can choose from a wide array of items from women’s apparel, shoes and jewelries down to home accessories that have been previously sold in stores, catalogs and website at a discount of 30%-65% off on original prices. Another bonus is that if you are a Neiman Marcus credit card holder, you get to have additional 5% off on your entire purchase every time you use your card. Currently, there are only 24 clearance centers in the city so if you don’t have one near you, feel free to visit its website at
  • Store Coupons and Coupon Codes. Store coupons are certificates that entitle its bearer a certain percentage of discounts on their purchases. Coupon codes take their place in the online world. Using these coupons is a great way to save on items as the percentage varies from item to item. Most codes even offer free shipping. You can find what store coupons and codes are available on the store’s main website. Just make sure to use them before they expire.
  • Check Your Calendar. Most specialty stores are famous for having sales during special occasions. By doing so, they get to sell previously in-season items that are still in stock and help their customers save money at the same time. So remember to take note of holiday sales during President’s Day, Labor Day, Christmas and of course, the highly anticipated Black Friday sale during Thanksgiving. Not only do you get to buy great finds but you also get to attend to your holiday gift list as early as you can.

The best things in life don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. Be a wise shopper and use your hard-earned money well. Know what you want and buy only things that you need. Don’t overspend. Remember, sales are there to give your wallet room to buy more things but you defeat its purpose when you buy something that you have no use for. Unless, of course, you get them for free.


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