Finding the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type: Women's Swimwear

Use These Fashion Tips for Different Body Types When Shopping for Swimsuits

A swimsuit or two is essential to your wardrobe, especially if you plan on attending out of town meetings or taking vacations where you might enjoy the sun and the beach.

For swimming purposes, it is a general rule to wear a one-piece suit rather than a two-piece suit. If you wear a string top and bikini, you risk nudity in the process. Two-piece swimsuits, particularly string bikinis, are made to flaunt a sexy figure at the beach.

You don't need a perfect figure to wear a swimsuit, few of us have one. Everyone else has something to hide, something to emphasize. There are swimsuits that are made especially for your body type. It's only a matter of knowing what to find and where to find them.

You need to find the best outline that will enhance your most attractive assets. Check out these fashion tips for different body types before going shopping for women's swimwear. Here's how:

Small breasts. Look for tops that have slight padding. Ruffled tops are also made for you, not to mention they are very fashionable these days.

Big breasts. Find swimsuits that have broad straps. You can also wear swimsuits that have a bit of padding or underwire for support. Halter tops are also made for you, if you choose to go on the sexy side and show more skin. It emphasizes a lot of your cleavage, while it supports your size. Tank tops can minimize your upper body and create balance in your overall look.

Short legs. Swimsuits that have a long cut on the thigh can enhance your lower body. It will create an illusion of longer legs. Plain, dark bikinis will also distract attention from the lower part of your body. Match it with a printed top for a better effect.

Long legs. Wear a horizontally striped top and bikini or a one-piece suit. Boy shorts will also look sexy on you, with a plunging neckline or haltered top.

Big tummy. Choose a one-piece suit that has a lot of prints in the middle area. Diagonal lines will flatter your figure. Emphasize your upper area by including designs. This will draw the eye upwards. Tankinis are also made for your body type.

Big butt. Wear dark colored, solid bikinis to get a slimmer effect. Large prints at the back area of the bikini are also meant to minimize attention in that area.

These fashion tips for different body types will help you when shopping for women's swimwear. You can browse online for brands that offer swimsuits that will look perfect for your body type. Afterwards, you may go to department stores that carry the brands you have selected. Do not buy online, because the swimsuit may not have the same fit for your measurements. Oftentimes, they are larger than your actual size. It is best to try them out to determine your perfect fit. Some stores also have consultants who can advise you for the right swimsuit for your figure. You should have a budget in mind before going to the stores. This way, you do not overspend.


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