How To Find the Longest Lasting Nail Polish

Making yourself beautiful can be really hard or really, really hard. It all depends on your point of view and how you see yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say. Still, if you really think wearing that particular top with those pair of jeans or wearing that shade of lipstick over the other is important to your overall beauty quotient, by all means, go right ahead. And if you need a nail polish that is going to last a long time, no one is going to stop you.

Now you just have to find it. This will only really be a matter of preference but nonetheless, here is how to find that longest lasting nail polish:

Always start with what you have. Take a look at the cosmetic kit you have at home. How long does your own nail polish last? Is it good enough for you? Remember, “longest lasting” is just a matter of perspective. If it works long enough for you then that is all you need. Be more aware of your nail polish next time you use it. Record how long it lasts and take down the average. If you are satisfied with that, maybe you already have found the nail polish you were looking for.

Look for them at boutiques. The next time you restock on your makeup and cosmetic supplies. Ask the lady behind the counter. She probably has a lot of experience with their products and can tell you which one is the best. Go to a lot of shops to get as much information as possible. Settling on one piece of advice is not recommended but if you really are satisfied by what they have told you, then there is nothing more to it.

Ask your manicurist. If you frequent a salon or beauty parlor, why not ask your own manicurist? Manicurists are obviously the ones with the most knowledge on such matters and can give you tips on where to go to get what you want and other tips on how to make them last as long as possible. Their word carries the most weight since they do this stuff for a living so trust them to know what’s what.

Judge for yourself. Again, the most important critique and expert really is you, since you yourself will be the one using the nail polish. When you buy the recommended brands, do not stop there. Try them out. See what works. How long does each one last? There is nothing worse than just relying on a person’s word then finding out that it does not work as well for you.

Nail polish is a simple thing really. If you want to know what the longest-lasting one is, all you need to do is consult experts and then consult yourself. This is a matter of preference really and finding what works for you is what is important.


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