How To Find the Right Hairstylist to Suit Your Needs

Caring for your hair means looking for a hairstylist who will not do major damage to your tresses. Of course, as a consumer, you ought to search for stylists who are professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. I know it is hard to entrust your beloved hair to just anybody. And if you must look for a hairstylist, make sure he suits your needs.

Ask your friends and relatives for any recommendations.


I had a colleague who looked really gorgeous in her razor-cut hair. I immediately asked who her hairstylist was, and she enthusiastically told me that it was a certain “Rey” from a local salon. She even volunteered to take me to him. At that time, I was pretty traumatized with stylists, because my hair got a terrible service from a cheap salon. Now, I am not insinuating anything. In fact, my colleague’s favorite salon was a cheap one – no state-of-the-art facilities that most urban and posh salons have. I was so impressed with the way her hair was done that I did not hesitate.

True enough, her hero was a great stylist!  He even chatted with me and explained to me the right style for my facial shape. I knew my layers suited my look, but I told him I wanted to put a little edge to my style. He agreed to experiment a bit. He gave me cute bangs. That was what I liked about that hairstylist. He knew what he was doing, and yet he was not afraid to try out some different things. If you are going to look for a hairstylist, ask your friends, but also check how their own ‘do suits them. Of course, they might be biased in a way. At least get three opinions, and you might be pointed in the right direction.

Scout salons and view their services.

What I do is a bit of research. I visit several salons, sometimes under the guise of having my eyebrows groomed or having my talons done. Then I ask for their brochure and interview the stylists regarding a particular service. Having that talk alone can give you an idea if the hairstylist has lots of experience. Also, ask for any recommended cuts or style for your hair. The knowledgeable hairstylist will really examine your face and your hair’s texture, and will tell you what your hair needs. Though, of course, this is also part of their marketing strategy.

Plan ahead and decide the kind of salon you want. 

There are salons specializing in cuts, and there are those that are excellent in hair straightening services. Talk to different stylists, and find out what their edge over other stylists is. This way, you are making a mental catalogue of salons and hairstylists. I suggest picking the salon that has fewer stylists. It means they really take time on a customer. Jam-packed salons give me the impression that their stylists are busy as bees, and they are going to hasten the treatment to entertain all their clients. Also, watch out for newbies. They might be trainees and not as experienced in experimenting with styles.


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