How To Find Vintage Fur Coats

Wearing a fur coat is a fashion statement that gives off a feeling of elegance. Brand new fur coats can be quite expensive, especially if you go for designer brands. One of the things that you can do is to find vintage fur coats that are sold for cheaper prices. Some vintage fur coats are even better than the brand new ones you see in stores. You just know where to find these vintage fur coats. Follow the tips provided below to know where you can find vintage fur coats for your use.

Here are some of the tips that you can use if you want to find vintage fur coats:

  • Friends or relatives. Check to see if you have any friends or relatives who have some vintage fur coats to spare. Ask your grandmother or your older relatives if they have some fur coats that they have kept in their closet. You can offer to purchase the vintage coats or you may even get the vintage fur coat for free.
  • Thrift stores. Visit your local thrift stores to see if they have any vintage fur coats that you can purchase. Fit the fur coat and don’t forget to inspect if there are any holes or damages. Another thing to do is to try and smell the inside of the coat. Some vintage fur coats may acquire an old stale smell because of the age of the coat. In some cases, you can have the coat dry cleaned to remove the smell but this does not work all the time.
  • Vintage Fur Coat. Go online and visit the website This website offers information on vintage fur coats. You will also be able to find different types of vintage fur coats on the website available for purchase. There are vintage fur coats from the 20’s up to the 70’s. There are vintage fur coats that sell for as low as $18.00.
  • Fur Outlet. Another website that you can visit to purchase fur coats is Fur Outlet. Visit the webpage and you will be able to see all the fur coats that are available for purchase on the website. Some of the items that you will be able to see on the website are mink coats, beaver fur coat, raccoon fur coats and many more. Most of the vintage fur coats that are on the website are sold for less than the original price.

These are some of the tips that you can use if you want to find vintage fur coats. It is advisable to visit a number of thrift stores and online websites first before you make your purchase so that you can compare the design and quality of the fur coats available before you make your purchase. Some of the vintage fur coats are still quite expensive even at their sale prices so it is best not to rush with your purchases. Read on the qualities to look for in purchasing a fur coat.


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