How To Find Wholesale Outlets for Men's Cologne

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Colognes in the past were worn only by royalty and other prominent people to display their elegance and status. Today, however, colognes are available for almost everyone. Colognes are readily available in numerous retail stores simply awaiting your purchase - some are really cheap, some are really expensive. If you are a man who appreciates fragrance and understands the benefits of a good scent, a wholesale outlet for men's colognes is your best choice for affordable stocks of cologne. You can also transact with wholesale outlets if you are planning to sell colognes in a retail shop.

Here are ways to find these outlets.

1.      Internet search. There are several online stores that you can find in the Internet. Here are some of them.

  • Whole Sale Central. This is a website where they retail off different merchandises on wholesale basis. You can find anything under the fashion sun here, from perfumes, to apparels, jeans, even sports wears. They even have European brands! Just browse through their listings and add products of your choice to your on-line shopping cart. You pay via credit cards. The site comes with a page index where the popular products are listed, including colognes. You can also use the search bar installed at the top of the page to search for wholesale cologne dealers. Depending on the brand and type of cologne you purchase, you can even get discounts.
  • Name Brands Perfume. This website focuses on expensive brand perfumes such as Kenzo, Gucci, Burberry, Escada, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and many others. They have an alphabetical search function and the site has different categories for men, women, and children. Apart from cheap access to usually very expensive colognes, the site is also one of the best places where you can establish your own cologne wholesale business. Eventually, you can outsource your products from contacts you have gathered from the site, and resell them online.
  • Unlimited Perfumes. They offer a wide array of brands and come with suggestions of the hottest items that other online buyers have found. They also have a free shipping service for those who buy a total amount of at least $99, anywhere in the U.S. Unlimited Perfumes is the best choice if you are looking for rock-bottom prices for wholesale colognes. The company is ready and willing to reduce their prices to challenge even the most competitively priced cologne in the market.

2.      Directories search. Another easy way for you to find a cologne wholesale dealer is through the yellow pages. You can search telephone books where the phone numbers of local businesses are located. Search for the category of wholesale dealer, and look for perfume dealers. Other directories can be found on the Internet. The Yellow Pages also have directories in the Internet.

3.      Classified advertisements. Finally, check out the classifieds in your local business newspaper. Plenty of wholesale dealers post advertisements in business magazines and newspapers. You should compare products, brands, and prices before buying any cologne in wholesale. When dealing with expensive colognes, you should also search for business certificates to protect you from frauds and scams. Fake perfumes are easily created, and should be avoided.

With these steps in mind, finding a wholesale men's cologne outlet can be done. Be sure that you check out the scents first, or that you have a good idea of what cologne you want to purchase. After all, a wholesale package can last for years, especially if you will use it only for yourself - you do not want a stock of cologne that you will not use.


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