How To Find Your Best Clothing Colors

Looking stunning may be as simple as wearing the right color of clothes.  If you have watched makeovers on television where they change the person’s clothes, you will notice that certain colors can make an impressive effect on his or her overall appearance.  Here is the trick on how to do that yourself:

  1. Take a look at yourself in the mirror.  Stand in front of a white background and make sure you are lit by natural daylight.  What is the color of your eyes?  Are your eyes gray blue, copper brown, deep black? How about your hair?  Blonde, coppery red or pure black?  For complexion, how light is your skin: are you fair, tan or dark-skinned?  Do you have blue undertones?  How about yellow, orange, pinkish, ruddy or olive?  Write down all the colors that you notice.
  2. A simple technique is to match colors present in your hair and eyes.  For example, if you have green eyes, you could wear an emerald jacket.  You could do this not only with your clothes, but also with your accessories.  You could match the color using different shades.  Also, you don’t have to make all of your clothing match your hair and eyes; just make sure the items near your face are in colors that bring out the best out of your hair and eyes. 
  3. Are you cool or warm?  You can tell by the way you tan.  If you turn brown when you tan, you’re a cool.  When you turn golden brown, you’re a warm.  Cool skin tone is basically skin that has more of a bluish or pinkish tinge to it.  It could be very dark brown, olive, medium, pale, or ruddy.  Warm skin toned people have skin with a golden tinge.  This could range from very dark to pale.  Cool skin tone looks best in pure white and jewel tones that are bluish.  Examples of these are blue, green, and purple.  Warm skin tone looks best in ivory and earth tones that are orange-tinged.  Examples of these are orange, yellow and brown.
  4. Find out what season you are.  If you’re a spring, you have pale blonde hair or red hair, light colored eyes, and you have skin that is fair and delicate.  Choose soft colors that remind you of spring: clear blue, peach, bright green, golden yellow, and ivory.  Avoid drab colors such as black, white and gray.  You’re a summer if you’re a natural blonde or brunette and have pale skin and eyes.  Choose cool, soft colors like pastels, lavender, light yellow and powder blue.  Avoid intense colors and earthy hues. You’re an autumn if you have skin that’s earthy like golden brown and bronze.  You may have red or brown hair with brown eyes.  Colors for your season are orange, gold, beige, and gray.  Avoid bright colors, black and white, pastels and blue tones.  You’re a winter if you have dark hair and dark eyes which give out a lot of contrast.  Match this by wearing intense or icy colors such as black, navy blue, cool blue, gray, emerald green, icy pink and white.  Avoid muted earthy tones.

These are the secrets of looking great by dressing in the right colors.  Have fun in accentuating the best in you.


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