How To Fireproof Cloth Using Alum

Accidents can happen at home especially if you are undergoing some renovations. Having fire resistant clothing handy for you and for the family can be a good call. Fireproof garments however could come a bit pricey. So if you just want to be on the safe side, you can make one on your own by using aluminum potassium sulfate or alum for short. This is a type of sulfate mineral that is popular for a number of uses. It can be used as a deodorant because it stops the growth of bad bacteria, It is also being used as medicine in a few Asian countries. Most importantly it has been discovered as something that works well in fireproofing textiles or clothing. The simple steps in how to use alum to fireproof is listed below. Read on.

  1. Purchase alum from any grocery store or pharmacy. Some people find it hard to find alum but it can just be found in grocery stores and drug store. At the grocery stores you can just check it out at the spices section and you can just ask assistance from the pharmacist in a drug store.
  2. You can use cold water for this solution. Another option would be using water, which is not at its boiling point-just about warm enough that you can still touch the pot with your hands. Boiling water can decrease the alum's inner core due to the quick breakdown of its chemical components.
  3. For the measurements, you can put in one pound of alum to a gallon of cold water. Some use a pound of alum to a full pail of water. You can follow either one of these types of mixtures. Whatever you choose would still be effective against resisting fire.
  4. Get the cloth or clothes you need and immerse them in the solution. You can do two to 3 shirts for this much of solution. Let the clothes stay for five minutes before taking them out. If you have children, do not forget to do this for costumes because they are usually flammable. You can also make a bigger mixture for their bedroom curtains.
  5. Unlike other clothes, you cannot use a dryer for fireproofing a cloth. You need to let it hang dry till it becomes a bit tougher to the touch. It would not be hard to wear, just a little less soft than it normally was.

Alum has a lot of uses. This is only one of them. Again, it would not be a waste to have any extra leftover left because you can use it for other purposes such as a deodorant, aftershave or for treating canker sores. That is, If you want to go the natural way. It has even been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for pickling so it is quite safe. A warning though do not ingest it, as it is after all still after all a chemical compound. This mineral is also one of the components used in making fire extinguishers So if you want fireproof homemade clothing, then alum is your best bet.


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