How To Fix a Bad Dye Job

You thought you'd save yourself some money and dye your own hair. But now you're reconsidering that decision as you stare at your green hair in the mirror. Don't fret. You can fix a bad dye job by following these tips.

Step 1

Calm down. You may be relieved to know that if you dyed your hair using a semi-permanent hair dye, you've got a bit of time before the hair color fully sets. With semi-permanent color, you've got 2 days to remove the bad dye job. (And even if you're past those 48 hours, it will wash out within a few days.)  This mistake can be fixed, so take a breath, and keep reading.

Step 2

Start shampooing. You can wash out a lot of color from a bad dye job by shampooing your hair several times. Use a clarifying shampoo or a dandruff shampoo, as these will help to get the dye off of your hair. You may want to let the shampoo sit on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out. This should help to activate the color-stripping properties in these types of shampoos, removing more of your bad dye job.

Step 3

Talk to your hairstylist. If you used a permanent hair color, you won't have as much luck with clarifying or dandruff shampoos. Chances are you won't have access to the products you need to fix a bad dye job at home. That's okay. Suck up your pride and make an appointment at your hair salon. Tell them what happened, get an appointment as soon as possible, and never look back. Salons usually have a selection of potent products that can strip hair of color quickly. You'll literally be able to watch your hair color go down the drain after using these products at a salon.

Step 4

Work with the bad dye job. Your at-home dye job may not be as bad as you think. Consider ways that you can work with the color. Would highlights tone down the harsh hair dye you used? If so, get your hairstylist to add some chunks of color to your bad dye job so that your look won't be as harsh. Don't risk a second bad dye job here, ladies. Get a professional to help you with your fix-it dye job. You'll be guaranteed a better look, and you won't have yourself to blame for a bad dye job.

Dyeing your hair at home can be a money-saver, but be sure that you choose the right hair color. Otherwise, your bad dye job could result in a costly visit to the salon. If in doubt, get a professional to dye your hair.


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