How To Fix a Broken Zipper

Zipper, scissors and buttons

Fixing a broken zipper is a great alternative to throwing clothing items away. Mending a zipper is an easy process to master.

Before fixing your busted zipper, you will need to gather the necessary supplies. This process requires a pair of scissors, a good pair of pliers, one needle and a roll of thread. It is a good idea to use heavy quality thread so your mended zipper will be durable.  Be mindful it the zipper is visible when choosing thread color. If it is, be sure to choose a thread that will blend in with the surrounding material.

Use the pliers to remove the metal bumper found at the bottom of the broken zipper. You will have to use force in removing it. Clamp the pliers around the bumper and work it back and forth until it is removed. Be careful not to bend any of the zipper's metal teeth.

Pull the zipper down to just above the last teeth. You do not want to completely remove the zipper.

Straighten out the teeth above the zipper. The idea is to realign the teeth so it will once again zip up and down.  Slowly work the zipper up the teeth. Stop half way up the zipper track. Keep working this process until the teeth are locking up properly.

Because the metal bumper has been removed at the bottom of the track in the process of fixing the busted zipper, you will need to create a replacement bumper out of thread. Without the bumper to stop the zipper, it will fall off the tracks completely.

Thread your needle with enough thread to create at least ten wide stitches. Cut off any unnecessary thread with your scissors. Tie a knot at the end of your thread and begin creating your new bumper where the metal stopper had been. Starting underneath the zipper track (for example, inside the pants), begin sewing around and around the bottom of the track. Sew ten stitches, or more if desired. The stitches should be close together to add strength and durability to your repaired zipper. Knot off your thread on the backside of the zipper track. Cut the extra thread from the fixed zipper.

Test your zipper by pulling it up and then down. If the repaired zipper is not functioning properly, use a seam ripper to rip out your stitches. Repeat the process until the zipper is satisfactory. This process may be utilized on any garment with a broken zipper.


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