How To Fix Broken Fingernails with Teabags

Have a broken fingernail? Not only is this unsightly, this might possibly snag or tear on clothing, and might also worsen if left by itself. Do know that, in order to avoid broken nails in the first place, you should be careful to give your nails some time to "rest" in between polishes. You should also limit their exposure to harsh chemicals, and eat food rich in calcium, in order to promote hair and nail health. That being said, what are the steps to fix broken fingernails with teabags? Read on:

  1. Start with clean hands. If you are sporting nail polish, remove it from the broken fingernail with a nail polish remover. Wash your hands and nails thoroughly, and dry them carefully with a soft towel.
  2. Prepare your materials. You will need super glue, toothpick, and teabags.
  3. Use super glue. Apply the super glue along the edges of your broken nails, so you can join the two parts together. Use toothpick, so you can place the glue precisely onto the nails.
  4. Use the tea bag. Instead of buying a gauze, you can just use a part of a tea bag to cover your torn fingernail. Just cut about ½ by ½ inch of the teabag gauze, or just big enough to sufficiently cover the torn area of your nail. You can customize the shape of the gauze so that it is appropriate for the cut nail. After you've cut out the gauze to its appropriate size, just put directly above the cut. Because the tea bag is made of very thin and transparent material, you could actually let it stay on top of your torn nail while it is healing.
  5. Put on clear nail polish. Once the tea bag is steadily on top of your nail, you could coat it with clear nail polish. The goal here is to make sure the tea bag blends in well with the rest of your nail. Make sure that you reposition the gauze every time it slides out of place; use the toothpick for this. You should also use scissors to carefully trim away excess gauze.
  6. Use an emery board to smoothen the gauze's edges. Again, since you'd want the gauze to blend into your nail, you could use an emery board to very gently sand the teabag gauze so that it looks as if it were an actual part of your nail.
  7. Be careful with your nail while it is healing. During the time that you are wearing the gauze on top of your torn nail, be very careful in doing your daily tasks. Remember, you should assist the nail in its healing process, so be gentle with your hands.
  8. Replace the gauze as needed. You may need to do this process again about every three days; but if you paced nail poilsh on top of the gauze, you may not need to replace the gauze that often.

There you have it! These are just some of the tips to remember if you want to fix your broken fingernails with teabags. Remember, you should make sure to practice appropriate nail care to accelerate your nail's healing process. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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